Riverdale is a lot to keep up with lately. There’s a lot of illegal stuff going down, and everyone’s getting dragged into it somehow in season two's "The Tell Tale Heart." Understandably, I have a lot of questions for these characters about what is really going on.

First of all, how crazy are you, Alice Cooper? Wanting to protect your long-lost son is understandable, but covering up a murder seems a little extreme. Especially when he’s obviously playing the victim despite bringing trouble wherever he does. Also, when will we find out what really happened to the murdered man?

And what’s up with you, Chic? You let Betty and Alice clean up the bloody mess you  made, and pulled out the fake tears when Betty called you on your lies. We really need an explanation, and please, a few more revealing moments about your character.

Why are you protecting your girlfriend’s criminal father, Archie? He’s an overprotective father who’s also a mob boss. He was a total jerk until you became his lackey, and now you know he’s definitely capable of murder. The Lodges even went through with that weirdly elaborate test to see just how loyal you really are. It’s all more than a little concerning.

How long will you go along with your family’s criminal activity, Veronica? Despite your own dark side, it seems like you still have a bit of a conscience. You used to be outraged by your father’s illegal activity and you were all too willing to go along with it until recently. Warning Mayor McCoy about your parents’ plot for a take down was touching. But you’ll have to choose a side at some point, right?

And Penelope Blossom…just, why? That one doesn’t even need an explanation.

All these questions need to be addressed soon. It’s getting to be a little too much to keep up with all these different threads of corruption and lies. Season one was much more focused, and it tied up loose ends nicely in the finale while keeping it open-ended enough for the story to continue. I’m skeptical if this season will be able to do the same.

Riverdale airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on The CW. 



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