It’s that time of year again — the time when people sit in front of the TV to watch the biggest movie stars receive awards for movies that came out last year. The 90th Academy Awards is an opportunity to sit back with friends and drink the most boujee champagne you can find. If you’re drinking, follow this game. (Apple juice is acceptable too). Please drink responsibly. 

Take a sip…

Whenever someone gets played off the stage during a speech.

Whenever a person says they didn’t deserve the award. Take another drink if they thank God and their family. And take one more if they say their children are watching at home.

Take a shot… 

If someone mispronounces a name.

Every time someone mentions “the current administration.” Take another shot if they mention President Donald Trump by name.

If anyone mentions Daniel Day-Lewis’ retirement.

If someone falls going up to the stage.


During the In Memoriam. Pick a first person and a last person, go around the room and don’t stop drinking until the first person does.

Finish your drink…

If Matthew McConaughey says his signature catchphrase “All right, all right, all right,” while he presents an award.

If The Boss Baby wins Best Animated Feature

If there is another envelope mix-up.


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