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Instead of sitting at home this summer, go to a local coffee shop and take your favorite book with you. (via Creative Commons user Luke Ekblad)

5 things to do in your hometown this summer

After moving back home, things can sometimes get a little boring. Moving back in with your family can also be a little bit hectic, so here are a few things to you can do in your spare time to make your hometown seem more fun:

Spend time with your pets

Spending some quality time with your family pet is essential after a long semester. College is hard and animals are great for destressing. Your pet will be so excited to see you and will be ready for some playtime. Cuddling with your cat or playing fetch with your dog is a great way to relax at home the first few weeks of summer.

Go to that one weird restaurant you’ve missed

Every town has that quirky place everyone goes to eat. They normally have a weird specialty that no one else would think to create. Go there and get some food that reminds you of what it feels like to be home. Bask in the gloriousness of food from home rather than dining hall food or ramen noodles.

Read a book in your local coffee shop

Sometimes being back at home under your parents’ roof can be a hard adjustment. Going to your local coffee shop, getting your favorite drink and relaxing while reading a book or watching Netflix is a good way to have some time to yourself. Hometown coffee is just as good as hometown food. 

Go to all of your favorite stores you can’t go to while in Athens 

Athens is wonderful, but the shopping is very limited. Make your rounds of all of your favorite stores, which could include Target, Barnes and Noble or even go to a mall. Go to the cute boutique in your town that you love or head to a department store. Going to your favorite stores is a great way to remember all the good things about being home.

Have a picnic in your favorite park

Grab some food and walk over to a local park for a picnic while the weather isn’t too hot. Spend some time at your favorite outdoor spot for an afternoon. Bonus points if you take some friends from high school or your pet.


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