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10 drinks to try from Athens bars

With graduation upon many of us, there are a few different bucket lists everyone is making: places to go, food to eat and drinks to try. Make sure to try these staple Athens drinks before heading to the real world where drinks are much more expensive: 

Razz Wheat from Jackie O’s

Razz Wheat is a great drink to have after a long day of classes when it’s hot outside. Stop by Jackie O’s, 22 W. Union St., and grab the raspberry flavored ale. It’s not as heavy as a beer as some of the others they have on tap, so if you’re not a beer person, this is a good drink. 

Vegas Bomb from The Crystal

Vegas Bombs are some of the easier shots to take, so do not be afraid of the name. Grab some friends to do a round of shots to start off the night at The Crystal, 34 N. Court St. The drink has berry vodka and Redbull in it and will give your crew a shot of energy to start off the night. 

Lucky’s Lemonade from Lucky’s Sports Tavern

If you’re looking for an alcoholic drink that barely tastes like alcohol, this is it. Lucky’s, 11 N. Court St., takes a twist on normal lemonade and makes it their own. They also have the drink available for their $5 liquor pitchers on Wednesday nights. 

Aquarium from The Pub

Grab an aquarium from The Pub, 39 N. Court St., and feel like you’re drinking out of a goblet in medieval times. Just one aquarium can hold two and a half beers, so don’t be shy about sharing with a friend. Aquariums are cheaper than getting individual drinks, so you could say you’re being financially responsible while drinking them. 

Blackout from Pawpurr’s Bar

This drink lives up to its name, so take caution. Blackouts may taste sugary, but they can put people under pretty quickly if they have had a lot. It also doesn’t help that the pretty blue drink at Pawpurr’s, 37 N. Court St., comes with a cherry on top to make it even sweeter. 

Black Widow from The Pigskin Bar and Grille

Black Widows from Pigskin, 38 N. Court St., have five liquors in them, so don’t start your night with this drink. The fillers of the drink are cranberry, sour mix and Sprite, so the liquor is covered by a sugary pop flavor, hiding how much alcohol is really in them. 

Brain Stomper from The Overhang

Brain Stompers are basically what Fruit Loops would be if they were a drink. With three different kinds of alcohol in it, this Overhang, 63 N. Court St., staple can live up to its name if you have more than a couple. Its citrus flavor makes it go down easily but be careful: only one or two of these will do the trick. 

Champagne Slushie from Broney’s Alumni Grill 

In the mood to feel a little fancy? Well, Broney’s, 7 W. Carpenter St., makes champagne even fancier than it normally is. The drinks are a great way to cool down after a hot day and feel like a kid again. 

Hot Nut from Tony’s Tavern 

The only warm drink you’ll find in Athens is at Tony’s Tavern, 7 W. State St. A hot nut is a shot of coffee with liquor so if you want to try spiked coffee, Tony’s is the place for you. This shot is great for warming up during a long night out in the winter because we all know cold weather doesn’t stop Bobcats from going out. 

Margarita from Casa Nueva

Casa Nueva, 6 W. State St., is known for their margaritas. They have a ton of options for any budget. You can get either just one glass or an entire pitcher. There are also different choices, including the house, the casablanca or the agave margarita. 


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