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Wait A Minute: Pinching pennies in college

There are plenty of things you hear about college. From the freshman 15 to unspeakable regrets, you’re bound to have an experience that is unique to you. 

However, the one shared experience that is shared by many is being broke. From rent to going out with friends, it’s pretty easy for money to burn a hole in your pocket in this, or any, college town. So how can you pinch pennies in Athens while still being able to pay that wifi bill?

Eat at home

Walking Uptown in Athens is hard on your wallet. With so many food options and things to do with friends, it seems like it’s just asking to take all your money. One simple meal with friends can turn into an expensive night out on the town. Next time, try to leave your card at home and use cash to give yourself a limit. Seeing how much money you have left, in a physical cash sense, makes you less likely to get crazy when swiping your card for a late-night burrito. 

Borrow some clothes

College is full of awesome party themes. Buying clothes for every ‘80s or tropical theme — or just a regular get-together — is tempting. Your bank account will thank you if you just borrow something from a friend, especially a jersey, when fest season nears. 

Get a job, early

Jobs go fast on college campuses. Every student wants a job that is flexible with their schedule, makes decent money and is pretty mindless. The key is to look early and have a résumé on file. Sometimes just working one boring job once or twice a week is better than waiting for the perfect job and struggling to buy groceries. You probably had experience working a minimum-wage job in high school, so why not carry it over to college? 

There are fun free things to do

As much as many of us think going Uptown is the only fun thing to do in Athens, that is just not true. Ping, rock climbing, arts and crafts night, and movie days with friends can be just as rewarding and cost next to nothing. Take some time to do yoga or go on the bike paths around campus. Go to a sports event that is free with your student ID. 

Spending quality time that you can remember will be the times from college you really cherish. And the next morning when you wake up, your wallet will thank you.

Lauren Sheil is a sophomore studying strategic communication at Ohio University. Please note that the views and opinions of the columnists do not reflect those of The Post. What do you think? Let Lauren know by tweeting her @laurensheil101.

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