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Shane and Ryan explore Mission San Francisco Solano in Thursday’s episode of ‘BuzzFeed Unsolved.’ (via @shalexandej on Twitter)

TV Review: Shane and Ryan investigate Mission San Francisco Solano on ‘BuzzFeed Unsolved’

Buzzfeed Unsolved: Supernatural continues with its theme of investigating allegedly haunted places by visiting Mission San Francisco Solano. The guys attempt to make contact with demons, spirits and even the ghost of a bear. 

This week Shane and Ryan go into the mission in San Francisco. The mission is said to be haunted by a demon of the priest Padre Jose Altimira. The priest was said to have “converted” 1,300 Native Americans to Catholicism soon after the Spanish claimed the land that would become California. Altimira was known for mistreating Native Americans, and because of that, the spirits of those Native Americans are allegedly haunting the mission as well. 

The choice of music and visuals continues to make this series ominous while Shane and Ryan keep it light for the audience — and themselves — through jokes and laughter. 

Some of the best parts of the series so far, especially in this episode, are when they go off on their own and attempt to contact the spirits. In this episode, they each take a turn in the chapel of the mission where it is said the demon resides. 

Shane and Ryan are such polar opposites when it comes to facing spirits, even in their beliefs about them, and that’s what makes those scenes so good. On one hand, Shane is calm and making jokes, whereas Ryan freaks out about any noise and is constantly scared. This stark contrast between the two make these scenes both comedic and relatable.

At one point, they go into the courtyard and attempt to make contact with the ghost of a bear. This is hilarious because it includes Ryan’s two biggest fears. They did not make contact in the end; but the way Ryan reacted and the way he would’ve reacted if they had, made this scene very enjoyable. 

Overall this week’s episode was the Buzzfeed Unsolved we know and love: both funny and spooky. The season is perfect for this time of year. 

Here is how some viewers reacted on Twitter to this week’s episode:

Buzzfeed Unsolved airs Fridays at 3 p.m. on Youtube.


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