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Fun News Friday: New crocodile species discovered; alleged thief looks strikingly similar to 'Friends' actor

It’s Halloween season in Athens. Between the festivities this weekend and the end of the week, take a moment to relax and check out these fun news stories:

Friends thief

The suspect for a beer robbery in Blackpool, England, has gone viral for looking strikingly similar to David Schwimmer.

Footage of the robbery was posted by Blackpool police on Facebook. The police requested help from the public to find the suspect, and the post was flooded with people commenting that the suspect looks like Ross Geller from the sitcom Friends. 

David Schwimmer has since tweeted about his innocence, but wishes the police good luck in their investigation.


A birthday surprise

Hickerson Elementary School custodian Mr. James was shocked on his birthday when he received a touching message.

James, who is deaf, received a special gift from preschoolers at the Tennessee school who wanted to wish James a happy birthday. The class performed the birthday song in sign language, shocking the custodian when he entered the classroom. 

Hickerson Elementary School posted a video of the birthday message on Twitter, which received hundreds of retweets and likes. Hickerson alumni also expressed their gratitude for James on Twitter. 

Additional African crocodile

A new species of crocodile, the Central African slender-snouted crocodile, is the first new crocodile species in more than 80 years. 

The species can be found throughout Africa, ranging from Cameroon to Tanzania. It used to be considered the same species as crocodiles found in West Africa, but the two have enough biological and physical differences to be considered different species. That split in the species lowers the amount of West African crocodiles left in the wild, making them endangered.

The Central African slender-snouted crocodile has softer skin than their West African counterparts. Biologically, the two species’ genes split more than 8 million years ago. The formation of volcanoes in Cameroon divided the original species, leading to the two different species found today.

The not-so-imperfect iceberg

An iceberg recently found by NASA scientists seems to be perfectly cut into a rectangle.

Contrary to popular belief, this iceberg found near the Larsen C Ice Shelf in Antarctica is not unusual. 

Sea ice specialist Alek Petty described the rectangular iceberg as a tabular iceberg, a type of iceberg that forms primarily in Antarctica when it’s connected to land. Petty said that the iceberg most likely calved from the ice sheet nearby, giving the iceberg its shape.

Petty estimated that only 10 percent of the iceberg was photographed. 


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