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Llamas dress up for Halloween too. (via @karivierimaa on Twitter)

Fun News Friday: Llamas in Canada dress up for Halloween; UFO spotted in Mexico City

With Homecoming and Halloween around the corner, the month of October is starting to heat up. Whether you’re deciding on a costume or what Homecoming activities to attend, take a break and check out these fun news stories:

Halloween Llama Style

On Oct. 6, 19 llamas were decked out in their finest costumes for a chance to win a cash prize. 

The contest, called the Llama Costume Class, took place at the Norfolk County Fair in Canada. Llama handlers stood to win $50, and the handlers truly made their llamas go all out. Llamas were dressed as unicorns, baked potatoes and more, as Twitter users shared photos and videos.

UFOs in Mexico City?

A video showing a supposed UFO in the Mexico City area is considered by some to be “absolute proof” that aliens exist.

The video was captured Sunday and later uploaded to the YouTube channel colourufo. A white orb shape is shown moving around the night sky before disappearing. When the UFO disappears, lightning strikes across the sky.

UFO researcher Scott C. Waring says that the shape captured is known as a Pyramid UFO. Those sightings have become more common over the years in north and central America.

Others speculate that the sighting could also be a “Black Triangle,” a secret U.S. spy aircraft. The existence of Black Triangle planes is also a conspiracy.

Easter Island explained

The purpose behind hundreds of moai heads on Easter Island has long stumped scholars and historians. Now, research of the Rapa Nui people of Easter Island suggests that the moai heads may have indicated the direction of water sources on the island.

Surrounded by the ocean, finding fresh water on Easter Island was a difficult task for the Rapa Nui people. Accounts from European explorers confirm that the Rapa Nui drank brackish water found throughout the island.

Anthropologist Carl Lipo has spent 20 years studying the old Rapa Nui civilization. He says that contrary to popular belief, the moai statues indicate the sources of brackish water since it was often difficult to find.

Mysterious Calls

On Oct. 10, the Ke Kai Ola Marine Mammal Center in Hawaii received nine calls in a fifteen minute time span.

Claire Simeone, director of the center, immediately went to the hospital where calls the were coming from to find out if there was an emergency. The director of the hospital later discovered the source of the calls. A gecko walked over a hospital phone, making calls with his feet.

The gecko was relocated outside to prevent further calls from taking place.


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