Dads were able to see their college kids Friday through Sunday during Dads Weekend. Multiple events took place for them to bond and immerse themselves in the Ohio University experience. 

Some of the events organized were a screening of Monty Python’s Life of Brian at The Athena Cinema; stargazing and a campfire at The Ridges; ziplining at The Ridges; a Conkles Hollow day hike at Hocking Hills State Park; a Dads Weekend Basketball Tournament at Ping Center and more. 

Jon Yerrick, father of Jayne Yerrick, a freshman studying journalism, attended a lot of the events with his daughter. They attended the hockey games, Speakeasy Magazine’s annual Porch Sounds concert, went to Strouds Run State Park and ate at Ginger Asian Kitchen. 

“It’s my first Dads Weekend,” Jon said. “My favorite thing about Dads Weekend is getting to spend time with her.”

Ron Russ, father of Emma Russ, a sophomore studying biological sciences pre-med, went to the men’s basketball game, met his daughter’s roommates and got dinner at the Burrito Buggy. Russ liked Dads Weekend because he is a Bobcat alumnus and thinks life has come for him since his daughter goes to the same school he did. 

“This is not my first Dads Weekend,” Russ said. “It’s one of many. I went to OU as an undergrad in the late 80s. I went here for med school, my family went here, my daughter is a student now and my next daughter will go here too. We bleed green.”

It was also not the first Dads Weekend for Jayson Schneider, father of Amanda Szinte, who is a senior studying wildlife and conservation biology. Schneider spent his first Dads Weekend by going to the bars, and didn’t like it because he found the drinks to be watered down. 

“This year, we’re taking a different route,” Schneider said. “We’ve graduated from that. Tonight we’re going to dinner at El Camino for my birthday.”

Schneider also went on his daughter’s ornithology class trip to Lake Logan State Park and liked it a lot because of the beautiful weather, and thinks the professor liked him. 

Dads Weekend let Craig Hull hang out with his son Chase Hull, who is the tempo and energy of the house. Craig laughed and said he missed Chase because he has to do more chores at home, such as mowing the lawn. 

“But, I’m adjusting well,” Craig said. “I’m happy for him.”

Chase went to Radar Hill with his dad during their hike at The Ridges, ate bagels at Bagel Street Deli and walked his dad to death, Craig said. 

“(The Ridges) was pretty interesting because we went back through the woods, all the nature area,” Craig said. “I didn’t know that stuff was up there.”

Although Craig is still coming to terms with his son being in college, Chase thinks he has been adjusting well to the college life.                              

“I consider myself independent,” said Chase, a freshman studying wildlife and conservation biology. “I mean, the first couple days, you’re like ‘man, yeah, going to miss being home.’ But after that, I mean I made the adjustment fine. I feel like it’s a part of life.”



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