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The Athens Police Department on College Street on Sept. 18. (FILE)

Police Blotter: Intoxicated person bites homeowner; motorcyclist does wheelie in school zone

Back in the day, McGruff the Crime Dog told people to “take a bite out of crime.” This week, crime took a bite out of someone else.

On Sunday, the Athens County Sheriff’s Office responded to Grass Run Road for a report of an intoxicated person trespassing at a residence, attempting to start a fight and biting the homeowner. 

According to the report, the suspect was transported to OhioHealth O’Bleness Hospital for a mental health evaluation “due to the bizarre details of this call” to make sure alcohol was the only substance being used. 

Multiple criminal charges are being filed against the suspect as a result of the incident. No further action was needed.

Knock knock. Who’s there?

On Nov. 7, the sheriff’s office responded to a call in reference to an individual who was knocking on front doors and running away on East Third Street. 

Deputies patrolled the street where it was reported, but the suspect was not located.

That’s wheelie dangerous

The sheriff's office took a report by phone regarding reckless driving Nov. 6. 

A bus driver saw someone on a motorcycle doing a wheelie and nearly hitting kids crossing the roadway near a school zone, according to the report. 

Deputies attempted to contact the suspect at the residence where the person was believed to be. The case was closed pending further incidents involving this issue.

Got beef?

On Nov. 6, the sheriff’s office responded to a report of theft on Wilson Street. 

A woman said she had several items stolen from her home while she was on vacation, including clothing, dish towels, frozen beef and Star Wars collectables.

She also told deputies that a friend had come by to take some items for a yard sale. The woman believes the friend could have taken the other items as well. The incident is still under investigation at this time.

Drive and dash

Deputies responded to a report of a suspicious person on East First Street on Monday. 

The complainant had caught the person under their vehicle. The suspect left while the complainant went to get a phone to call the sheriff’s office. 

Deputies checked the vehicle and found that the car’s catalytic converter had been removed by the suspect. The case is under investigation.

Guard dogs

On Nov. 6, the sheriff’s office took a report on State Route 356 of criminal damaging of a vehicle in a driveway of a residence.

The woman said she was in her living room when her dogs began to bark. According to the report, when she went out to the porch to see what they were barking at, she heard a man yell, “They’re home!” The suspects then disappeared.

Her husband said the driver-side window of the car had been busted out. The radio had been removed from his truck and placed on the ground near one of the other vehicles. 

The residents told deputies security cameras were active during the time of the offense and said they would call the deputy investigating the case if there was usable footage.

He said, she said

On Tuesday, the sheriff’s office responded to Matheny Road after a woman reported that she had her ex-boyfriend over for dinner and, after he left, she noticed that her bag of tobacco and rolling tubes were missing from the home. 

Deputies contacted the man who said he and the woman had lived together until around three days ago and that they shared the bag of tobacco and the rolling tubes. 

The woman said he had been gone longer than a week, and it had been months since they shared tobacco. Unable to prove that the man took the tobacco or who had originally purchased the tobacco, the case was closed. The two were encouraged to remain separated if there were going to be issues between them.

Caps off to you

On Saturday, deputies responded to a tenant of an apartment complex on East First Street who wanted to make a criminal complaint about water meter caps.

The woman said the water meter caps were not covered after the maintenance was done working. The woman was advised it was not a criminal matter and was told she needed to speak with the management of the apartment complex.

Keep it down

The sheriff’s office responded to a report of loud music on South Canaan Road on Tuesday.

When deputies arrived, there was no music playing. Deputies spoke to the people that were working, and they said there had been music playing earlier. 

Deputies advised the work crew of the complaint and asked that they be aware of volume of their music in the future.


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