The Won’t Be Erased rally was to show support for trans people while giving them an opportunity to speak out and share their stories on Friday. 

The rally was held solidarity and support of trans and intersex people, delfin bautista, director of the LGBT Center, said

“We will not be erased, and this constant push to erase trans people and intersex people and non-gender conforming people and everyone who exists outside of a binary,” bautista said.

The rally was planned two days ago in light of an announcement of a federal law that would possibly redefine gender and would essentially erase trans and intersex peoples existence, according to the rally’s Facebook event page. The rally was hosted by LGBT Center at the Civil War Monument. There were around 50 people in attendance. 

“More so than wanting to demand anything from the administration, our goal and intention was to create a space where we can be together as a community,” bautista said. “A lot of folks have shared feeling isolated, so we just wanted to create a space for them to know they are not alone.” 

During the rally, there were eight speakers that discussed different thoughts and issues, including the Trump administration, the importance of allies standing up and being accomplices, the importance of not being passive and not ignoring LGBT people any longer. Between speakers, people at the rally chanted “won’t be erased” and “trans lives matter.”

Stefan Koob, a junior studying screenwriting and producing, works at the LGBT Center and helped organize the rally.

“My favorite part was delfin’s brash call to action,” Koob said. “I really appreciated that. Saying that more than just queer people need to be (taking action).” 

bautista said Ohio University has done many things in support and celebration of trans people, but it is not enough. 

Jake Lee, a freshman studying forensic anthropology, attended the rally and thought it was important to bring awareness for the trans people. 

“I think it was good to bring a number of people together to show that we’re here, and we’re queer.” Lee said.

An announcement was made at the rally about the reinstating of Swarm. It was formally called Open Doors and was a social support group for LGBT community members and allies. The first meeting will be Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. in the LGBT Center.

The rally ended in the crowd turning away from the Civil War Monument and towards College Green to chant “we will not be erased” followed by “I will not be erased.”

“We are written in permanent ink and we will not be erased,” bautista said.


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