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Imagine Dragons’ ‘Thunder’ is one of seven songs to help you through finals week. (Photo via @billboard on Twitter)

7 songs to survive finals week

While cramming for your finals and chugging four Red Bulls this week, you may notice a deafening silence on the seventh floor of Alden library or even your room. Such a silence can be even more distracting to you than hearing your neighbor’s excessively loud music. Those distractions call for study music of some sort. Here are the perfect songs for tuning out the world and tuning into your workload:

“9 to 5” by Dolly Parton

As many students know, being enrolled as a full-time student is like having a full time job. It especially feels this way when finals come around and studying ensues. To get through your student workday blues, enjoy this classic Dolly Parton hit. 


“Nonstop” by Drake

This song is a great one to listen to any time you need assurance that you can face all of your finals. “Nonstop” is about continuing to live your life despite the obstacles you may face, and the same idea can be applied to plowing through the obstacle of studying to succeed in your classes. 

“Thunder” by Imagine Dragons

With uplifting beats and tempo, this song will get you through any studying woes you may experience this week. Not only is this song motivating, but it is also energizing and great to listen to when you find yourself questioning why you chose to take the class you’re studying for.

“Carry On Wayward Son” by Kansas

Finals week tends to be the most stressful week for many students and losing sight of how rewarding it feels to be done with the semester doesn’t ease any of the tension. When feeling stressed while studying, turn on (and up) this hit song to remember that though the journey may be tough, the destination is worth it. 

“Move Along” by The All-American Rejects

There are things everyone experiences in their life that they get caught up in and, at times, stumble over. This song is necessary to include in your study playlist to remember that everything stressful in life is temporary and moving on is essential for growth from that stressful time. “Move Along” is a great song to listen to and remember that the stress from finals will not last forever.

“Tubthumping” by Chumbawamba

Though the name of this song is beyond bizarre, no one can forget the line “When I get knocked down I get up again, nothing’s gonna keep me down.” To stay motivated and positive while studying

“Better Now” by Post Malone

This song, while being one of the most popular songs of 2018, may not be directly about studying but instead directly describes how you will feel once this week from hell is over. This beautiful bop is perfect to hear as you finish studying for your last final and call it a week.


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