As week four rolls around on The Bachelor, the women pack their bags for the first international destination, and tensions are running high with claws coming out. First stop: Singapore. The competition heats up as the episode showcases a series of meltdowns, two one-on-ones, leech therapy, bungee jumping and a highly anticipated moment of vulnerability from Caelynn. Here are a few highlights you may have missed:

Taysia Opens Up About Her Past Marriage 

The first one-on-one in Singapore goes to Taysia. Her date card read, “Let’s fall in love,” which could only mean one thing: bungee jumping. The couple seemed nervous about the extreme height, but it was Colton who seemed to be trying to conceal the most sweat. 

Spoiler: they survive. 

The date took a serious turn as the two sat down for dinner and began to discuss Taysia’s personal past. She revealed her previous marriage and recent divorce to the Bachelor stating, “Being a Christian woman, you think you get married once and that’s gonna be it, and you expect that from your partner as well.”

Honesty paid off, and she scored the date rose.

Caelynn Gets Raw and Vulnerable

The Caelynn vs. Hannah B. drama heats up as Caelynn is invited on her first one-on-one. Not only does the beauty queen get to leave the house, she gets pampered to a designer shopping spree. And yes, everyone was jealous.  

During the dinner portion of the date, the couple gathers as Caelynn shares a gut-wrenching secret of her past. She bravely details her encounter with sexual assault, which occurred four years prior when she was drugged at a college party.

Colton could not have been more supportive, and he shares another reason for his virginity is due to his relationship with Aly Raisman, another survivor of sexual assault. 

The magnitude of the moment grew as Chris Harrison stated, “She brings out a story… that is one of the most revealing conversations we have ever had on the show.”

A White Flag Is Raised

After revealing her past to Colton, Caelynn mends forces with Hannah B. at the Rose Ceremony cocktail party. 

She raises a white flag stating, “It’s hard enough as women and hard enough as we’ve both been through such hard things. Let’s put it in the past.”

The pageant queens seal their feud with a hug and avert World War III.

Paging Dr. Demi

This episode showcases Demi’s biggest feud thus far. She has made her mission simple: Secure Colton’s heart and destroy anything else that stands in her way. Demi’s prey of choice this week? Courtney. 

The tension surfaces on the group date outing, with Courtney sulking about her lack of alone time with Colton. Jealousy begins to circulate with Demi vying for Colton’s attention at every passing second. Let’s just say, the leeches weren’t the only blood sucking parasites displayed on the episode.

Prior to the Rose Ceremony, the two contestants share a scornful conversation and the war begins. The attention at the cocktail party is no longer an opportunity to tie up loose end with Colton, but a mission for Courtney and Demi to bring about one another’s demise. 

Exposing Courtney as the “cancer of the house” to the Bachelor, Demi solidifies the contestants elimination from the show. 

The villain ends the night by kissing her date rose and stating, “Dr. Demi cut out the cancer.”

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8pm on ABC.


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