Every year the legendary Super Bowl commercials prove to be one of the most exciting parts of the annual event. Unlike previous years, this year the commercials seemed to be less exciting or memorable. That being said, there were still some hidden gems in this year’s collection of commercials. Here are the top seven commercials from the 2019 Super Bowl:

Doritos #NowIt’sHot

The annual Doritos commercial is one of the most famous in the Super Bowl commercial world, and this year certainly didn’t disappoint. The commercial featured Chance the Rapper in collaboration with the Backstreet Boys, signifying the original chips with a new twist. 

Amazon Echo — Not everything makes the cut

The new Alexa commercial for Amazon features the Amazon assistant in many different forms, including a dog collar, a toothbrush and a hot tub, as well as an all-star cast.

Hyundai — The Elevator

The Hyundai commercial features Jason Bateman as the elevator attendant who takes a couple to car shop. As they go down the elevator, they stop at places that are horrible, but none are worse than the experience of car shopping. Until Bateman finds out the couple is shopping for a Hyundai, which is an amazing experience.

Audi — Cashew

The Audi commercial shows a man going home and seeing his grandfather, who gives him the car of his dreams. But does he really get the car of his dreams, or was it all a dream?

Bubly — Michael Bublé

The Bubly commercial features Michael Bublé going to the store to get the Bubly drink, which he pronounces the same as his last name. When people try to tell him he’s wrong, he just isn’t having it.

The Washington Post — Democracy dies in darkness

The Washington Post commercial narrated by Tom Hanks was more along the serious lines, emphasizing that knowledge is empowering, helps us decide on things and keeps us free. The idea of journalism is about holding people accountable and bringing the important stories to the readers, so that they can have the empowering knowledge they need.


The T-Mobile commercials featured a few different texting scenarios including a misunderstanding with a Lyft driver and a compromising boyfriend. These were by far the funniest and best commercials the 2019 Super Bowl had to offer. 



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