Whether or not your Valentine’s Day meant true love and roses, everyone could use a cheery look at the news for the week. Here are the funniest stories from the news this week. 

Tinder-like App helps farmers match with livestock

A new app, Tudder, is helping farmers swipe right on cattle they are interested in for their farms.

Similar to Tinder, farmers decide whether or not they are looking for a male or female and then swipe left or right until they find a match.

Once a farmer is interested, they are directed to a page called SellMyLivestock where they can learn more about the animal before making a final purchase. 

Some Tudder users say the process is more efficient and rivals traditional cattle markets. 

Message in a bottle

A couple found a 56-year-old message in a bottle on a Texas beach Wednesday. 

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said the bottle was one of more than 7,000 released between February 1962 and December 1963. 

The bottle contained a postcard with instructions to mail the cards with the date and location where the bottle was found for a 50-cent reward. 

The bottles were released as part of a study tracking oceanic current patterns. 

It’s unknown whether or not the NOAA gave the couple the 50-cent reward, however, they will be keeping the bottle as a memento. 

Kentucky fisherman catches 20-pound goldfish

If you’re still looking to get your significant other a pet this Valentine’s day, look no further than your local pond.

Hunter Anderson caught a 20-pound goldfish at a private pond in Boyle County, Kentucky on Wednesday. Anderson said he lured in this bizarre and unexpected catch with a Lee’s Famous Recipe Biscuit.

Anderson said the fish took to the bait easily, but put up a fight. He eventually let it go and told a local news station in Kentucky that he had no reason to keep it and let it go.

Talk about a catch of the day.