Alexa, someone stole my package.

The Athens County Sheriff’s Office received a complaint from Carol Lane in The Plains on Monday. The man said he did not receive a package that was expected to be delivered from Amazon. Amazon required a police report to file a missing package report. No one knows the whereabouts of the package, and no one has accepted the delivery. 

Kicking ghost

The sheriff’s office was called to North Plains Road on Friday for a criminal damaging report. 

The caller said his son saw someone kicking their vehicle. When the father went out to look, he did not see anyone near the vehicle but noticed two dents in the trunk. 

The complainant said he has had an ongoing feud with an old roommate but could not prove that he was in the area, according to the report. The case is closed. 

All in good order

The sheriff’s office responded to the Athens County Job and Family Services building on North Lancaster Street on Friday for an activated alarm. 

Upon arrival, deputies made contact with the employees who said they were having a difficult time with the alarm keypad. “All was in good order,” according to the report. No further actions were necessary. 

Save money. Live better.

The sheriff’s office responded to North Rodehaver Road on Friday for a suspicious man pushing a motorized shopping cart. 

A patrol was conducted, but no one was located that matched the description of the man. Later, deputies discovered two motorized shopping carts that belonged to Walmart along South Canaan Road. The Athens Police Department and Walmart were notified, and a Walmart representative was sent to recover the two carts. 

Lost and found (in the trash)

The sheriff’s office took a report by phone from a resident on Pleasant Hill Road on Friday. 

The caller reported property stolen from their barn. The property was later discovered on a trash pile not far from the barn.

Looking for mail

The sheriff's office responded to Vore Ridge Road on Feb. 21 in reference to a suspicious man checking mailboxes along the road. 

Deputies patrolled the area but did not locate any suspicious man. 

Oh deer!

On Friday, deputies were on patrol in Athens Township when they encountered a vehicle in the roadway that appeared to have struck a deer. 

Upon making contact with the driver, deputies found that the woman had only discovered the deer but had not been the one to hit it. The vehicle that struck the deer was unknown and not present. The deer had extensive injuries during the collision. 

Deputies ensured that the deer was safely removed from the roadway. With no other vehicles or subjects involved, no further action was necessary, and deputies returned to patrol.

Lousy litterers

The sheriff’s office responded to Terrell Road on Saturday for a littering complaint. 

Deputies arrived on scene and checked the area for any evidence that may suggested who placed the trash on the road. No items were found, and a report was taken. 

What’s in the bag?

The sheriff’s office responded to a call on Perry Ridge Road for a report of suspicious persons.

The caller advised that three men were walking along the roadway with backpacks. Deputies patrolled the area but were unable to make contact with the men. No further action was needed.


The sheriff’s office was dispatched to East 4th Street in The Plains on Monday for an activated alarm. 

Deputies found it to be accidental, according to the report. No further action was needed. 

Fake Benjamin

On Thursday, the sheriff’s office received a report of a counterfeit $100 bill that was found on Ellis Avenue in Chauncey.

According to the report, the bill was collected and placed into evidence. The case was closed.