Ohio University Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion Gigi Secuban asked Student Senate members on Wednesday the ways in which the LGBT Center can be improved.

Members said they think there should be a larger space that was balanced between public and private areas, and it should be more divided from the Women’s Center.

Destinee Jaram, an OU student and the Query a Queer columnist for The Post, spoke about her issues involving the university. 

“OU loves to shout diversity, but they don’t do anything to make everyone feel safe and included,” said Jaram. 

Jaram presented a series of demands to the Senate, some of which included the termination of members of the LGBT board, including Secuban. Other demands were based off the recent removal of delfin bautista, who uses they/them pronouns and the lowercase spelling of their name, as director of the LGBT Center. 

“The administration should apologize for firing them, and we deserve a full transparency of truth as to why they were fired,” Jaram said.

Athens City Planner Paul Logue discussed future plans for Athens, including several plans in progress regarding safety for Athens. 

One major plan that will be initiated in the next year is a traffic safety solution. A tunnel underneath Richland Avenue is planned to connect West Green and Baker Center, according to a previous Post report. This aims to make the traffic constant and give a place for pedestrians walk without the risk of being hit by a vehicle. 

“The tunnel is being formed so students can cross to get from West Green to Baker Center without having to dodge traffic,” Logue said.

Lighting will also be improved throughout the city and near campus. This is to allow walkers and bicyclists to feel safer when traveling, especially at night. 

Student Senate members also passed eight resolutions at meeting. 

Danielle Klein was appointed as a senator on the International Affairs Commission, and Sophia Boothby was appointed as the senator of athletics on the University Life Commission.

Student Senate also approved a total of six budget resolutions, allowing Senate to make all purchases for upcoming events. 



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