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From the Editor's Desk: We love you. Sorry.

Loving a reporter is no easy feat. We’ll ignore your texts for hours on end if a story breaks. We’ll chat your ear off about boring things like records requests. We’ll call you at midnight and ask you to pick us up from the newsroom because we’re too tired to walk home (sorry, Logan). It’s a wonder that any of us ever find that special someone. 

Luckily, our newsroom acts as its own sort of matchmaker. There are Postie weddings, Post prom-posals and probably a few Postie kids running around (which is a very frightening thought). I must confess that I myself will be celebrating this Valentine’s Day with a Post alum. 

On the week of Valentine’s Day each year, we like open up this column as a space for Posties to remind friends, family and significant others that yes, we love them very much — even if we aren’t the best at remembering to say it. Here’s what they had to say: 

Colt Austen, news reporter:

“Briauna, thank you for constantly supporting me. You make me a better person every day. I cannot wait to share endless laughs and constant memories with you.”

Matt Parker, sports reporter:

“To EC, you have a lovely gift and talent for capturing what I try and put into words. I’m more fortunate than I let on to be part of this duo. Here’s to more stories and more good times by your side.”

Georgia Davis, The Beat editor:

“Bennett, you’re a Postie too, so you understand the struggle. That doesn’t mean I love you less, but it does mean our dates involve working on our stories while in the same room.”

Sarah Penix, news editor:

“Charlie: Thank you for loving me. And listening to me complain. And being my best friend. I cannot get enough of you — your unconditional kindness, your love for greasy pizza, your patience with me. All of it amazes me. You make life so much better, and I am so glad I get to love a Postie.”  

Alex McCann, digital managing editor:

“Without fail, I’ve woken up to a good morning text message since the start of my freshman year in 2015. So thanks, Mom, for always making sure I always start my day right. Love ya.”

Jessica Hill, assistant managing editor:

“Thomas, thanks for always watching The Office with me and buying pizza late at night, and for always putting up with my hyper-ness. And to the other eddys, thanks for always being there and for listening to my late-night rants. And to everybody at The Post, you guys all work so hard, and you’re the best. To Karinne Hill, you are like a sister to me, and you already have the name, so it fits. Finally to my parents, thank you for supporting me in everything I do. Love you all.”

Lauren Fisher, editor-in-chief:

“To Logan: Remember how I forgot to do this last year and yours made the paper? Yikes. Guess I kind of have to do it this year, so you’re in luck! Thank you for keeping me creative, loving me unconditionally and always putting up with my quirks. I wish you were still here in the newsroom to keep me company and bring me coffee. Man, do I miss the free coffee. Love you lots.” 

Chuck Greenlee, opinion editor:

“Sarah, I wrote this for the first time two years ago to my future girlfriend. Little did I know that you were sitting at the news desk. Thank you for all you do for me, from watching too much stand-up to listening to me talk about my incredibly boring rants about rhetorical theory and browsing Zillow. Anyway, thanks for sliding in my DMs — my love grows for you by the minute.”

Riley Scott, graphics director

“Adam Girmann, you are the human equivalent of dancing in the rain. Thank you for bringing snacks to the bars, teaching me basic chemistry and loving me in every lifetime. Being yours is the easiest thing in the world.” 

Meagan Hall, director of photography

“Cooper Douglas, who knew a corgi could change my whole world?! Thank you for being the best dog ever and cheering me up when I’m sad. You are so loved by everyone at The Post and are so deserving of all the carrots and belly rubs in the world. I can’t wait to go on so many adventures with you right by my side.”

Midge Mazur, photographer:

“If someone would have told me at the beginning of high school that I’d be a maid of honor for the cheerleader with the best music taste on the squad, all before my 21st birthday, I would have called them crazy. Madison Timbrook, thanks for being the kindest, most considerate person I have ever met. I love you bunches and can’t wait to stand next to you on your big day. I love you!” 

Laila Riaz, copy chief:

“To my parents and siblings, I love you guys. Thank you for supporting me and letting me chase my dreams. I know you guys spend 80 percent of your day worrying about me and I often ghost you guys, but just know, I am always thinking about you four. However, for future reference, I am probably in the newsroom.”

Baylee DeMuth, culture staff writer:

“Chad, thank you for driving me to interview after interview, and sometimes having to wait half an hour in the car for it to be over. Thank you for the much-needed neck massages after I finish writing at my laptop with poor posture. Lastly, thank you for supporting me endlessly and always gassing me up to anyone and everyone. You're the best.”

Maddie Capron, managing editor:

“To my former Postie pals, now known as Whoops Today: Hi, Hayley Harding and Kaitlin Coward! You’re probably the only ones who I could write about who would actually read The Post. You also probably thought you were through having your name in the paper, but LOOK! You were wrong. Last year on Valentine’s Day, we got chicken and made a paper. This year, you’re both far away, but I wanted to say thanks for always supporting me and still letting me rant about what it’s like to run the paper. I miss you and ily. Happy Valentine’s Day.”

Lauren Fisher is a senior studying journalism at Ohio University and the editor-in-chief of The Post. Have questions? Email Lauren at or tweet her @Lauren__Fisher.

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