Graduate Student Senate will have a presentation from Student Senate executives about a previous resolution for an amendment to the GSS Constitution at Tuesday’s meeting. 

The resolution did not pass. The presentation will explain the process regarding future amendments to the GSS Constitution. 

Along with the presentation, GSS will vote on an updated version of the resolution. The update will be presented at the meeting. 

GSS will also vote on a budget resolution, which will allow $500 to support advertising-related expenses for the Graduate Professional Student Appreciation Week (GPSAW) event. 

There will also be a resolution that requests the graduate student general fee boy-down be increased by $26 per credit hour. This means GSS will lower the out-of-pocket cost per credit hour for graduate students. 

The final resolution will be a request for clarification and visibility of graduate student benefits. The resolution will create a resource page on the graduate college website with the information. 

This will be sent to OU President Duane Nellis, Executive Vice President and Provost Chaden Djalali, Vice President of Student Affairs Jason Pina, Vice President for Finance and Administration Deb Shaffer, human resources and graduate college. 


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