The Jonas Brothers are back. After going their separate ways with their careers, they’ve come back together with a single, “Sucker,” and the message that they’re releasing more music very soon. 

If the 10-year-old version of you is totally fangirling right now, same here.

The song, similar to their mid-2000s sound but more refined, gave us the nostalgia we needed while still being a good song for the now-grown Jonas Brothers fan base. They’ve graduated from their Disney phase and are now reaching an older audience — but what’s cool about this is their audience is mostly made up of the same people, just all grown up.

Though lyrically not very complicated, “Sucker” has done its job to get the Jonas Brothers back into the spotlight after about a decade of irrelevance.

Once they passed their prime, Kevin, Nick and Joe quietly left the music scene. They recognized that their time in the spotlight was up, and that it was time to move on. This wasn’t too surprising to anyone when it happened but still stung straggling fans’ hearts.

The reunion of this band probably comes as a shock to some. While the bandmates are brothers, their breakup was “not good.” Following the band’s breakup, there were rifts between all three brothers that lasted for years. But after getting picked up by Amazon for a film documentary, the brothers mended the rift that led to the 2013 breakup. After 6 years of being officially broken up, JB is back on the rise.

The JB breakup had to happen. The Jonas Brothers needed to find their own individual sounds in their solo careers before reuniting to form a new sound pulling from what they created as individuals. While the band was apart, Kevin stepped away from music and started a business in marketing; he’s has been recognized by Forbes for his entrepreneurship. Joe sang as the leader of the band DNCE, who are mainly recognized for their 2015 hit “Cake by the Ocean.” Nick’s hit single “Jealous” made it to the Billboard top 10, and he has had a few other songs in Billboard 100.

While each brother individually has had success, their biggest successes came as a unit. They sold more than 17 million records worldwide and were the most relevant boy band from 2006 until about 2009.

The Jonas Brothers weren’t the first boy band, and they weren’t the last. But the genuine hype that they have created with their comeback after going so long without relevant success, proves that we are suckers for them. 

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