Thursday’s episode of Supernatural was the cat’s meow. If you couldn’t watch the episode live, here’s what you missed:

Sam and Cas solve a case

In last week's episode, Michael supposedly died and Jack became “himself” again

This week’s episode picks back up with Sam (Jared Padalecki) trying to work through his grief, instead of mourning his losses. He finds a case in Arkansas and works it with Cas (Misha Collins). The case, which turns out to center on a mind-controlling mayor, is a doozie. 

Chip Harrington (Bill Dow), mayor of Charming Acres, an idyllic 1950s-esque town, starts brainwashing people into doing what he wants. The result is a picture-perfect town where cell phones don’t exist and Harrington’s Soda Shop is the bee’s knees. When people start to see through the fog and realize that Charming Acres isn’t their life, their head explodes.

Justin Smith (Guy Christie) realizes that he is a pawn in the town and his brain splatters. When Cas investigates the death, Sam takes Justin’s place and is now Justin, Cindy Smith (Kimberley Shoniker)’s husband. Cas is clued in and realizes that the the entire town is brainwashed. 

Cas confronts Sunny (Caitlin Ashley Thompson), the waitress at the soda shop and later, the mayor’s daughter about being a witch but finds out the mayor’s plan. When Cas is forced to fight off a few of the town’s residents, he coaxes Sam into remembering who he is. Sam almost dies, but Sunny overpowers her dad and demands him to stop the killings. She tells him to be happy, effectively trapping himself in his own mind when he is happy but he can’t hurt anyone. 

Dean and Jack take a road trip

Meanwhile, Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Jack (Alexander Calvert) take a road trip to visit Donatello (Keith Szarabajka). Dean is worried about Jack’s lack of a soul and hopes Donatello can guide Jack into finding purpose without a soul. 

The road trip seems to serve as a bonding experience. Jack takes well to Sam and the audience knows this. Dean and Jack still seem awkward, but it’s manageable.

Jack lets go of his pet snake

In last week’s episode, Noah Ophis (Philippe Bowgen) was a Gorgon, a snake-like, flesh-eating demigod. Noah had a pet snake, Felix, and when Noah died, Jack kept the snake as his pet.

Throughout the episode, Jack cared for Felix, carefully fed him and worried about him, despite Dean’s fear of snakes. Near the end of the episode, Jack disintegrated Felix, thinking he would go to Heaven with Noah. However, Noah is in Purgatory because he was a Gorgon.

Jack’s innocence is still very evident and fragile. The dichotomy of Lucifer’s lineage and the abundance of good in Jack is very telling of Calvert’s multifaceted portrayal of Jack.

The bunker feels empty

Sam admits that since the deaths, the bunker feels empty and he can see the hunters lying dead on the floor. Sam felt that the bunker wasn’t home and was quick to get on the road with cases to avoid the turmoil. 

It’s likely that Maggie (Katherine Evans) and the rest of the hunters have been given a hunter’s funeral. 

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