After teasing mysterious X-shaped scars on Daryl (Norman Reedus)’s and Michonne (Danai Gurira)’s backs earlier this season, Sunday’s episode finally revealed how they got them.

In a flashback, Michonne reconnected with an old friend named Jocelyn. The two bonded over their shared childhood, and Jocelyn was soon integrated into the community. At a sleepover, however, Jocelyn kidnapped all of the children, including Judith.

Daryl and Michonne were able to track down the kids in an abandoned schoolhouse, but they were soon overtaken, knocked out and tied up. When they woke up, Jocelyn forced the children to brand Michonne and Daryl with an “X” to teach them how to be stronger.

Eventually, Michonne and Daryl were able to escape. Michonne followed the children to find Judith and was forced to killed Jocelyn, and gruesomely, the children to get to Judith.

In the present, Michonne denied Daryl’s group access to Alexandria, angering Judith, who ran off into the wild.

After chasing her down, Michonne confronted Judith, who bravely told Michonne they needed to protect the people they love. With the flashback, it was revealed that Michonne’s present anger was spawned out of fear for her children and the community’s safety. With Judith’s words, Michonne had a change of heart and picked up Daryl’s group and headed to the Kingdom for the fair.

Yet, as the episode ended, the Whisperers appeared, pointing to serious danger at the upcoming fair.

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