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Taylor Swift has begun a new era with “ME!.” (Photo via @taylorswift on Instagram)

Here’s the location of all the Taylor Swift pictures in her new music video “ME!”

Taylor Swift is back with a new era — and it’s going to be full of rainbows and unicorns. She teamed up with Panic! At The Disco’s Brendon Urie for “ME!”

Leading up to the release, she posted photos on her social media. Here’s where you can find all of those image in the music video:

Diamond Heart (2:09)

You have to really look for the first image Swift posted on social media. But if you look closely, you’ll see her earrings in the shot resemble the pink diamond heart. 

Yellow jacket and rings (1:20)

There isn’t a close up of the rings, but you can make out four bands on her hands. The yellow suit is obviously the one in the post, and may we say she looks great.

Pink material (1:59)

When Swift posted the photo of the pink, swirling material on Instagram, it was likely it would be a dress. That’s exactly the case, too.

Meredith and Olivia (0:33)

Swift’s adorable cats had to make an appearance. They got a new sibling too, who was also in the video.

Blue heart (2:42)

This clue doesn’t make an obvious presentation, but we can assume it’s on Swift’s marching band uniform in the bridge of the song.

Bicycle (3:33)

The bike is hidden way in the background of this frame, and I’m not even sure if it’s the same one. You decide for yourself.

Sequin dress (2:28)

Swift threw it back to the ’70s for a section of the video, and we loved it.

The chicks (0:58)

The cool chicks were a big part of the background at the beginning of the video. Bonus clue: The Dixie Chicks are the painting of the people.

Rainbow path (0:02)

The path is featured at the beginning of the video while a snake slithers along and bursts into butterflies. Ugh, the new era is the best.

Pastel briefcases (1:15)

OK, where can we buy these briefcases?

Pink flowers (2:06)

Urie presents Swift those beautiful flowers, but she turns them down and accepts a kitten instead. We can’t blame her.


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