The Fab Five is notorious for their makeovers and assisting of decor, style, food, grooming and heart. For three seasons, Antoni Porowski, Bobby Berk, Karamo Brown, Tan France and Jonathan Van Ness have worked together to create life-changing experiences for people in different cities of the U.S. For the first two seasons, they were in Atlanta, and the newly released fourth season continues in the Missouri area, which was introduced in the third season. The fourth season is filled with laughter, heartache and the greatest friendship between the Fab Five. Here are the episodes of season four ranked from heartwarming, to uncontrollable sobbing with love:

8. “Soldier Returns Home” Brandonn Mixon

Toward the end of the season, the episode follows former skater boy and troublemaker Brandonn, who joined the army to turn his life around. After being medically discharged, Brandonn joined a group that makes tiny houses for homeless veterans, but his lifestyle went completely downhill. The episode is touching, and it’s nice to watch the hard-shell man become vulnerable with the help of the Fab Five. 

7. “How Wanda Got Her Groove Back” Wanda Winters

The fourth episode of the season follows Wanda, a tough-skinned drill team leader who, much like her drill team, is set in a routine that she refuses to break. However, after working with the Fab Five, Wanda learns it’s okay to show her feelings, and delegate her responsibilities to focus on self care. The episode is touching and even ends a little unexpectedly, but it’s definitely not one to uncontrollably sob while watching. 

6. “Farm To Able” Matt Moreland

The season’s finale features Matt, a recently divorced farmer who is looking for ways to make more money for the farm, and while doing so, he completely put himself on the back burner. After getting an updated look and house, Matt also gets an updated attitude. Normally this episode would’ve been ranked lower, but it was truly fascinating to watch someone go from being so uncomfortable having five gay men around, to appreciating and loving them by the end. You could see his mental transformation throughout the episode, and Matt is a good example of when you open your mind and learn more, your heart and mindset can change.

5. “A Tale of Two Cultures” Deanna Muñoz

Diving into Hispanic culture, the episode features Deanna, a proud arts advocate and Chicana woman who lacks the confidence to speak publicly. The Fab Five helps her trade her outdated look for a chic new style that does more than amp her confidence levels. The episode is also a unique one, in that Bobby buys and transforms an office space for Deanna, instead of transforming her house. More than anything, it’s a beautiful story of a woman just looking for ways to learn more about her heritage and gain the confidence she knows lies within her. 

4. “Stoner Skates By” John Stoner

The episode follows John, a single dad who was nominated by his 10-year-old daughter, Lucy, for the show. John is lovingly referred to as a man-child, and his lifestyle and wardrobe accurately reflect that. But with the help of the Fab Five, John transforms into a stylish, loving dad who takes a larger interest in his daughter’s figure skating pursuits. The episode is extremely touching from a father-daughter standpoint. It’s also fun to watch Bobby create Lucy’s Lounge, a place specifically dedicated to Lucy in John’s bachelor pad, and to watch Jonathan bond with Lucy over figure skating, where he even brings in Michelle Kwan to teach Lucy a few things. It’s a really heartwarming and tear-jerking episode. 

3. “Disabled but Not Really” Wesley Hamilton

Showing a story of perseverance, the season’s second episode follows Wesley, a man who got into trouble when he was younger and ended up getting shot and paralyzed from the waist down. The episode is titled “Disabled but Not Really” after Wesley’s organization that works with disabled people in the community. Though the episode is considered by some as problematic in its representation of people who are disabled, the Fab Five are able to make Wesley’s home more accessible and wheelchair friendly, and they give him a new haircut and style to reflect his happy and positive attitude. Wesley also gets the chance to confront his shooter, and get the closure he has always needed. The episode has a more serious tone, but is extremely wonderful to watch.

2. “Without Further Ado” Kathi Dooley

The season opener shows Jonathan at his most excited and most vulnerable, as they take a break from the Missouri scene to travel to Quincy, Illinois, where Jonathan grew up. They help Kathi, who runs the music department for all public schools and was a huge influence to Jonathan when he was younger. After rocking a mullet for over 30 years, the Fab Five takes Kathi and updates her look, restores her confidence and gives back to all the teachers with a new teacher’s lounge. The audience gets to see Jonathan at his most vulnerable, telling Kathi how much she helped him be comfortable with his sexuality and own it. The episode is a great season opener, and definitely a tear-jerker. 

1. “On Golden Kenny” Kenny Yarnevich

By far the best episode of the season follows Kenny, a kind-hearted and lonely bachelor who hasn’t had any guests in his home in years. After his dog died, Kenny became even more lonely, and let his self care fall to the back burner. The Fab Five help Kenny create a new look, update his house so he can have visitors, and find unconditional love with a new furry friend. The episode is definitely worth the uncontrollable sobbing. To see the older man being so vulnerable and looking happy and carefree is one of the most heartwarming feelings. Everyone watching can feel for Kenny, and appreciate how cute and loving he is with his family and the Fab Five. 


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