Heavy sigh. Another week, another curve ball of events somehow leading to Luke P. receiving a rose … along with Jed, and Peter and Tyler. The season is finally winding down, but the number of contestants certainly is not. That’s right: Hannah Brown has made Bachelorette history as she takes on the infamous fantasy suites with not three men but the whole quartet. Although Hannah is clearly conflicted during this week’s episode, the Bachelorette is heading home(town) to meet the families of her four remaining men. But fear not, rose lovers — it seems as if Luke’s horrific departure is just around the corner.

Co-piloting with Pilot Pete

Hometown dates kicked off with good ol’ Pilot Peter in Westlake Village, California. The two passionately reunite as if they haven’t seen each other in years. Of course, it makes perfect sense that Hannah and Peter end up in a plane that not-so-coincidentally flies right above the Bachelor Mansion. Are we surprised? 

The pilot jokes live on as he says, ”I’m looking for a co-pilot for life.” Some highlights of the day include the adorable plane the two fly in, the kissing in mid-air … and Hannah finding quote unquote rubbers in Peter’s car. 

Later, Peter takes Hannah home to meet the folks. The hometown date certainly was not dry of culture as the group shouts out a German prayer before diving into a Cuban meal. Peter’s parents get choked up once they realize how in love he is after saying, “I feel like I’ve found my person.” However, Hannah’s emotions regarding Peter were definitely the dry portion of the date. She seemed as if she was holding her tongue about her true feelings.

Although Peter was regretful for not vocalizing his love to Hannah, it was clearly written all over his face. 

Tender moments with Tyler

It’s time for Tyler! The couple reunited in Jupiter, Florida, which has serious “I live where you vacation” vibes. He begins the day by saying, “I promise you, I’m better at driving a boat than I am riding a horse.” Hallelujah. 

Hannah and Tyler spend their day lathering each other up with sunscreen and touring his old stomping grounds via boat. Obviously, the two make out in the water a few times as well. 

One thing Tyler made very apparent is his devotion to family, especially the connection with his father, who had a health scare right before filming. “It’s going to be emotional,” he said before seeing his dad for the first time in months. 

The fam welcomes Hannah with open arms and blessings as Papa Tyler says, “I love you … I want the best for you and Hannah.” Tyler gets emotional with his dad as he tearfully says, “I want you to see my wife. I want you to see my kids.”

Hannah was very vocal of her concerns about Tyler wanting to be engaged in the end. After seeing Tyler’s vulnerable side, he affirmed his willingness by saying, “I'm ready to take off with you and make the most of it.”

But that’s not all. Just as the two are bidding farewell, Tyler does the unthinkable and jumps into the SUV for a makeout sesh with Hannah. Romance is not dead, folks. 

Luke drops the hard L

Well, it’s finally time for the hometown that never should have happened! It is seemingly unfathomable that Luke P. has schemed his way THIS far. Hannah meets him god-knows-where for adult Sunday school. “I’ve always seen the good in Luke,” she said. She either has superior eyesight or is utterly delusional.  

The date kicks off with Luke giving a sermon about his past with partying, drinking, sex and God speaking to him in the shower. We know, Luke; we know. Hannah is impressed with how far he truly “lives his faith.” 

Later, Hannah meets the Parkers to tell the gospel of how the relationship was so great — until it wasn’t. Luke explains himself by saying he was put in a position where he had to “say and do all the right things” instead of being his true self. 

He confesses his feelings to his mother by saying, “I can’t see this not working out in the end … I look at her and see Mrs. Parker.” Cringe. 

Predictably, he sends her away with all the right words at just the right time … including a cheeky “I love you.” 

Jamming with Jed

Jed, you’re up! The two meet in Knoxville, Tennessee, for some strolling on brick roads. Hannah seems very curious about what adventure Jed has in store as she says, “Jed always has something up his sleeve.” But they quickly cut to the chase and head for a recording studio. You didn’t expect Jed to have a date not fully revolving around his music career, did you? 

In wake of all the controversy, every moment of Jed with his guitar is just not a good look. After the two spend some time writing a song together, we quickly learn Hannah’s singing is just as bad as her toasting skills. 

In the evening, Hannah meets the folks that happen to be not so welcoming. Jed’s mom, Gina, shows her disapproval through a few passive-aggressive remarks. After Hannah tells Gina she told Jed that she is falling in love with him, Gina replies, “Do you say that to all of them?” Gasp. 

Turns out his sister is just as vague and cold as her mother as she tells Hannah, “Him potentially falling in love with you … I'm not sure if it’s a good thing.” Double gasp.

Without a true blessing, there are a few reasons as to why Jed’s family threw so much shade toward Hannah: 

1. They know Jed is keeping his other relationship on the down-low.

2. They don’t want her to choose Jed.

3. They just aren't fans of her.

4. All of the above. 

In the end, Hannah can’t seem to make up her mind about who to keep around for fantasy suites. After storming off during the rose ceremony and whining to Chris Harrison, he pulled a few strings and gave Hannah a rose for each contestant — sending no one home. Somehow, some way… she just couldn’t pick between Jed or Luke P.