Paradise is coming to a close, rose lovers. After many love triangles, friendships, roses and tears, we have reached the final days on the beach that will make or break the relationships.

Monday night’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise picked up with Caelynn caught at a crossroads between Connor and mustache-less Dean. Elsewhere, two of the strongest couples on the beach put their relationships to the test, as potential engagements are just around the corner.

Here are some highlights from Monday night’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise:

Caelynn chooses Dean

Someone call the police because Dean has done the unthinkable. After breaking things off with Caelynn on her birthday, the bad boy returned to the beach with one bold move up his sleeve. This time around, the mustache was gone. “I did it for you! I’m a changed man,” he tells Caelynn.

Dean asks her to leave Paradise with him by telling Caelynn just the right things at just the right time. “We’re definitely going to have things to work on … myself, mostly. I want to be with you,” he tells her.  The grand gesture was downright unfair to Caelynn, and Kristina said it best to Dean, “You are selfish.” Preach, girl! 

Caelynn tries to sort things out with Connor, who has been treating her like a queen. He begs her to stay in Paradise by reminding her, “Actions speak louder than words. There are no actions on his part that show he is a guy that is going to be there and fight for you.”

In the end, Caelynn decides to end things in Paradise with Connor for the van life with Dean. The two leave the beach together, even though “It feels wrong.” Yep, it definitely does.

Katie and Chris have a rough patch

Although Katie and Chris are still in Paradise, it looks like their honeymoon phase has come to an end. With the days coming to a close, Katie is unsure about her future with Chris. “There’s always been a part of me that's always wanted a guy who is really about me. And Chris … I think he is,” she says with uncertainty. 

Katie expresses that the two need a date to figure things out. Moments later, the Paradise gods bestow a date card for the couple. Katie cuts right to the chase by asking Chris why he hasn’t been giving 100% in their relationship. 

Chris clears everything up by confessing, “I’m only here right now for you. I’ve been burned a couple times before. I’m giving you everything I have.” The two rekindle their romance, and all is well once again. 

Demi is not down for PDA

Elsewhere in Paradise, there’s tension between Demi and Kristian. Demi, who’s uncomfortable with PDA, gets jealous watching Kristian be flirty and affectionate with the other women. “Kristian’s just flirty with girls, and it sucks. It feels like she’s more into them than me,” Demi says. 

What do the Paradise gods have in store for couple? A date card, of course! Demi and Kristian participate in a cleansing ritual, but something is off. “I could see in her eyes and feel that something was up. Her being upset is not OK. She is my priority,” Kristian says.

Long story short, Demi’s discomfort with PDA is tied to her struggle with coming to terms with her sexuality, and her coming out being in the public eye. “It’s scary. I wish I could tell myself that it doesn't matter what they think, but I’m still holding back,” Demi confesses.

As for Kristian being affectionate with other women, she clears the air by telling Demi, “Why would I ever flirt with anyone when I have you?” The couple gets over their roadblock and hug it out in the end. 

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC. 


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