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‘Carrie’ is a must-see film for spooky season. (Photo provided via @s1xkly on Instagram)

10 horror movies to watch this Halloween season

The worst part of watching movies is the search to find the perfect one. With spooky season rolling around, it’s almost time to cuddle up on the couch with some popcorn and a movie. If you and your friends are looking to get scared without leaving the house, check out some (or all) of these terrifying films this Halloween season. 

The Conjuring

The Conjuring tells the story of a family plagued with an aggressive spirit. If that’s not scary enough, the film is based off a true story. The Conjuring is the first in a series of extremely unsettling movies, so start here, then binge the rest for a truly frightening Halloween season.


IT is based off Stephen King’s classic novel and describes a young group of friends battling a monster that terrorizes their town every 27 years. Chapter two of the 2017 film was recently released. For double the spook, watch both chapters together.

The Babadook

After her husband's recent passing, a mother is left with her young son, who is obsessed with the idea that an evil monster is living in their home. She dismisses it as grief until signs of something truly sinister begin to appear. 


Hush is a great Halloween movie if you want extreme suspense. It’s similar to other home invasion horror movies, except for one major twist: the protagonist is deaf. Watch to find out how the main character struggles to battle a violent intruder without being able to hear him creeping around her house.


Nothing makes a horror movie more terrifying than the story taking place on Halloween. Terrifer is about two young women stranded in a warehouse on Halloween night with a bloodthirsty killer dressed as a clown. 

Creep and Creep 2

If you watch Creep, you have to follow up with Creep 2. Creep tells the story of a man who answers an online ad for a videographer, whose client proves yet again that everything is not as it seems. Creep 2 tells the story of the same client but offers a completely different twist.


How could one compile a list of movies essential to watch for Halloween and not include Halloween? This classic is always guaranteed to scare. and there are multiple versions to explore. Cozy up with friends and some popcorn, and binge the movies to decide which is your favorite.


For a truly frightening psychological thriller, check out Saw. The film describes a group of strangers trapped in an unfamiliar room, the efforts to escape alive and reasons why they were trapped in the first place.


Carrie is the perfect mix between a horror movie and a teen drama. A shy girl is embarrassed at a dance in front of her whole school in the worst way possible, so she figures out how to unleash her telekinetic powers to get revenge on her classmates. To say the least, things get bloody.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned slasher movie on Halloween. Texas Chainsaw Massacre is the “classic of classics” when it comes to slashers. Watch as a group of friends attempt to escape a weapon-wielding family that’s out for blood. To make matters worse, the actions of the family are based off of true events. Chills.


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