Flashlights brightly lit Little Caesars Arena in Detroit while the audience screamed back the lyrics to old and new Jonas Brothers songs alike.

The Jonas Brothers — comprised of Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas — are three brothers who share a love for music and for each other. Six years after a messy break up, the brothers patched up their differences and made one of the most epic – and nostalgic – comebacks. 

With a sold out show, the Jonas Brothers hit the stage, accompanied by their touring drummer, guitarist and two backup singers. They opened the show with a video presentation of each boy finding their childhood self and attending a carnival. The videos of the fake younger versions and the brothers themselves were a theme throughout the concert and wove the setlist together. 

The crowd was screaming, and shed some tears, during the trio’s opening number of “Rollercoaster,” and right away the Jonas Brothers showed the audience they were in for a night of beloved throwbacks, including “S.O.S.,” “Lovebug,” “Year 3000” and “Burnin’ Up.” With four studio albums, it must have been difficult for them to decide what they wanted to play, so the brothers even included a mashup of a lot of their older/childhood music. 

Of course with so many classic songs, the Jonas Brothers didn’t want to disappoint the fans by leaving anything out, so the group took fan requests for songs during the show. Despite the show differing by city, consistently every show the guys have performed “Gotta Find You” from the 2008 Disney Channel original film, Camp Rock, which starred the brothers and Demi Lovato. 

Another great aspect of the show was the brothers recognizing and addressing their much-needed break to the audience, but they also showcased their individual work during the break. Nick and Joe performed a duet of Nick’s song, “Jealous,” and Joe’s other band, DNCE’s song, “Cake By the Ocean.” 

Between the outfits, the special effects, their levels of talent and the pure joy they exhibited while performing, the Jonas Brothers revival tour reignites a sense of childhood happiness within every audience member. 

More than anything, the Jonas Brothers are the perfect example of love. The three brothers had a falling out for many reasons, but ultimately they realized the only way they could all truly be happy is by rekindling their relationship with each other and returning to what made them all so happy in the first place: music. With the Happiness Begins tour, the brothers were not only able to make millions of their fans happy, but reintroduce themselves to their own happiness. 



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