After a resounding Week 1 victory, the Bobcats make the 201-mile trip to Pittsburgh where they’ll play Pitt at Heinz Field. Before we focus on football, The Post will look at five fun facts about the University of Pittsburgh.

It is the oldest university west of the Allegheny Mountains

Hugh Henry Brackenridge founded what was then known as Pittsburgh Academy in 1787, thus making Pitt one of the oldest institutions for post-secondary education in the country. Since its original name, the university has undergone two names changes: Western University of Pennsylvania (1819-1908) and its current moniker (1908-present).

Home to the polio vaccine

In 1951, Dr. Jonas Salk and his team of researchers successfully developed the polio vaccine in the basement of an academic building. After extensive testing, the vaccine was deemed effective in 1955. Usage began to spread throughout the American public. A study in 1962 showed that Salk’s vaccine had lowered the rate of polio by 95%.

The affiliation with one of the world’s best hospitals

The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center has been a world-renowned hospital since its inception in 1893.

UPMC has a global reach with centers in 17 countries. Locations include Italy, Ireland, Russia, Colombia, Singapore and the United Kingdom. The hospital currently has over 85,000 employees.

Pitt is home to the second tallest university building in the world

Standing at 535 feet tall, the Cathedral of Learning is the second tallest university building in the world. The tallest university university building in the world is at Moscow State University where it stands at 790 feet.

The Cathedral, or as students have nicknamed “Cathy,” has over 2,000 rooms and is home to the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences, the School of Social Work and the University Honors College.

The building is also home to a studio theater, a food court and several computer labs.

Famous alums

Pitt is home to several famous NFL alumni, including Mike Ditka, Dan Marino, Tony Dorsett, Larry Fitzgerald, LeSean McCoy and Darrelle Revis.