No wallet? No problem. Apple Pay is becoming an increasingly popular payment option in Athens, and several businesses are hopping on board. With the ability to make one-tap purchases, you can say goodbye to the days of rummaging around for cash and fiddling with slow card terminals. Aside from convenience, having a mobile wallet is an even more secure option to safeguard bank details and personal information. 

Next time you’re frolicking around Court Street only to realize you forgot your wallet, don’t fret. Apple has your back. Although Big Mamma’s Burritos, 10 S Court St., and Union Street Diner, 70 W Union St., may not accept the tap-and-pay option, there are plenty of Athens hotspots that do. 

Here is a list of restaurants and stores that accept Apple Pay in Athens:


Buffalo Wild Wings, 23 W Union St.

Chipotle Mexican Grill, 41 S Court St. 

D.P. Dough, 19 S Court St. 

Fusion Noodle Company, 30 W Union St.

Ginger Asian Kitchen, 28 S Court St. 

GoodFella’s Pizza, 6 W Union St. 

O’Betty’s Red Hot, 15 W State St.

Star of India, 128 W Union St. 

Subway, 25 N Court St. 

Odyssey Nutrition, 9 W Union St.

Coffee Shops:

Starbucks, 16 W Union St.

Donkey Coffee (coming soon), 17 W Washington St.


Busy Day Market, 30 W Stimson Ave.

CVS Pharmacy, 32 S Court St. 

Silver Serpent Exotic Gifts (Venmo and Cash App), 55 N Court St. 

The Shack, 20 S Court St. 

Dale’s Valero, 50 N Court St.