After Michaela’s (Aja Naomi King) confrontation with her father in last week’s episode, Annalise (Viola Davis) decided to try and use it to her advantage.

Michaela found her father in Annalise’s home, where he said he wanted to reconnect with his daughter for good. Michaela said it was a bit late for that, but Annalise asked for his help in getting money to buy a fake identity and leave Philadelphia.

While waiting to leave, Annalise decided to file a restraining order against the Castillos and fully move on with her life. Unfortunately, things immediately go wrong, and Michaela’s father is forced to testify in court for the Castillos. 

In court, it’s revealed that the FBI is investigating Michaela and Annalise. Annalise argued for the restraining order to protect herself and the judge granted it, but when Michaela’s father offered to help protect Michaela, she declined and ripped up his check offering her money.

Meanwhile, Connor (Jack Falahee) continued to question why Annalise chose him for the Keating Five in the beginning. Bonnie (Liza Weil) revealed that she was the one who chose him because she liked his application and liked that he had gotten a conversion therapy camp closed in his adolescence. Bonnie revealed that she wanted to choose someone who would help champion for victims.

In the flash forward, Bonnie gets a knock on her door and opens it to find Asher (Matt McGorry) covered in blood in his graduation gown. Could Asher be the killer of the mysterious murder in the flash forward?

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