Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) solved a vampire case that turned some heads while Chuck (Rob Benedict) wrote the end of his story. If you couldn’t watch Thursday’s episode of Supernatural live, here’s what you missed:

Sam has a dream

In last week's episode, Rowena (Ruth Connell) sacrifices herself to save the boys and to send the ghosts back to hell.

This week’s episode picks several days after. Sam has a dream where Dean is fighting his way through the bunker and killing demons. Dean finds Benny (Ty Olsson) just in time for Benny to say ‘goodbye’ and die.  Dean gets to Sam, who is a demon, thanks to the demon blood. Dean tries to reason with him and brings up Bobby and Jody, but Sam says that he can’t be stopped and then snaps Dean’s neck. Sam wakes up with a start. It could be a dream, or it could be a vision, given how realistic it was.

Sam and Dean solve a not-so-run-of-the-mill vampire case

Dean finds a case in Iowa with cattle mutilations and a ripped-up body. Dean urges Sam for them to take the case because Sam hasn’t come out of his room for several days since Rowena’s sacrifice. They take the case and smell something fishy, and they’re right. Susie Martin (Berkerley Ratzlaff), a high school cheerleader, is dead, and after some digging, all signs point to vampires. But the issue is that the body was ripped apart, which is uncharacteristic of vampires. Vampires usually drain their victims. Tori Taylor (Jillian Knowles), another cheerleader, is kidnapped, and eventually Sam and Dean find out through video surveillance that Billy Whitman (Burkley Duffield), a Yale-bound lacrosse star, kills Susie.

Billy tells his parents, and in an effort to protect his standing at Yale, they kidnap Tori and keep her as a blood slave. Sam and Dean aren’t leaving without a fight, though. Billy tells his parents to take Tori to the hospital and then agrees to go on a ‘ride’ with Sam and Dean. The scene cuts to a stretcher taking Tori out and then Billy kneeling executioner-style while Dean gets ready to slice Billy’s head off.

Chuck writes his ending 

Chuck visits Becky Rosen (Emily Perkins) for inspiration to get back into writing. Becky was the Supernatural superfan that appeared in seasons five and seven. Now, Becky is married with two kids. She also runs the most successful Etsy site for unofficial Supernatural merchandise in the country. 

Chuck gets inspired and writes the end of his book, which is real life for the boys. Becky reads the rough draft and says there’s no danger. There’s a look in Chuck’s eyes and then he rewrites it. Becky reads it and is horrified. She says it so dark. “You can’t do this to the fans,” she said, “What you did to Dean, what you did to Sam!” 

Chuck ignores her, and when the family walks back in from their trip, Chuck snaps his fingers, and Becky’s husband and kids vanish. Chuck says they didn’t die; they just went away. When Becky protests, he snaps his fingers again. 

It’s frustrating to see Chuck so adamant on his story when is aware that Sam and Dean’s lives are stakes. I can’t say he’s playing God with them because he is God. 

Supernatural goes meta

In several instances, Supernatural paid tribute to its empire throughout the years. It’s not the first time the show has gone meta, but the episode was both light-hearted and intense. The Easter eggs peppered in reminded the audience that this is the season. Becky’s decorated her room with Supernatural posters and Sam and Dean Funko Pops. The show shows love to the dedicated fans through Becky.

Becks tells Chuck that the fans don’t like monsters and instead give fans what they want: Sam and Dean doing mundane tasks. Chuck doesn’t it. He makes a callback to the season 6-8 monster, “Leviathans are cool! What? They’re all teeth!” 

When Dean goes to slice Billy’s head off, Radio Company’s “Sounds of Someday” plays. Radio Company is Ackles’ band. 

On the way home from the case, Dean tells Sam that what they do matters and that they need to keep moving forward. Dean says that with Chuck gone, they can move on. Sam replies that he can’t move on and he still thinks about Jessica, his girlfriend from season one. 

Supernatural airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.