Last week, Peter Weber began his Bachelor journey by meeting dozens of women who are competing to be his “co-pilot for life.” Twenty-two women made it past night one, while Hannah Brown returned for one last punch at his heart. 

Week two picked back up on the emotional moment between the two, as Hannah and Peter address unfinished business. 

“You’re the one who said no to me,” he reminded her. 

After many tearful moments about things left unsaid, the two bid farewell to each other with a hug as Hannah jokes, “Let’s catch a flight.” 

Peter, caught up in all his feels, decided to cancel the group date. “I don’t think today we can continue with this group date. I’m just not in the right headspace right now to have fun with you guys and enjoy this,” he told the women. 

Obviously, the girls were upset about Brown’s emotional encounter with Peter and began questioning if he is ready to find love again. 

“I’m not going to compete with your ex. Feelings are feelings … but you should figure it out and not at the expense of us,” Natasha pointed out. 

Peter responded by saying his relationship with Hannah is “in the past” and that he is ready to move on. 

Nonetheless, it’s rose time, and Peter is still apologizing the the situation with Hannah. We get it. As the pool of contestants dwindles down to 19 remaining women, Lauren, Courtney and Payton get the chopping block.

The next group date card arrived, reading, “Alexa, Mykenna, Natasha, Deandra, Lexi, Victoria F., Kelsey, Hannah Ann — let your personality shine.” 

The lucky ladies chosen get a shopping spree at Revolve, and they will be modeling their chosen pieces on the runway. Hannah Ann struts out in bridal wear, veil and all. 

“There’s nothing wrong with a little sneak peak,” Hannah Ann says.

The competition eventually narrows down to Victoria F. and Hannah Ann, who walked out in the same dress. After Hannah Ann wins, Victoria utterly loses her sanity and projects her doubts to Peter. 

“I don't know if I’m, like, made for this. I like you ... but I don't know if it’s worth my mental health,” Victoria explains to him.

Peter restores Victoria's confidence by asking her to give her all and asks her to stay. At the end of the cocktail, he continues to show his interest by giving her the group date rose. 

“This rose goes to someone that I’m just really happy is here, and I can see a future and potential there, and they just make me really hopeful,” he says before giving her the rose.

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