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Peter decides on his final four during Monday’s episode of ‘The Bachelor.’ (Photo provided via @bachelorabc on Instagram)

TV Review: Peter blindsides one contestant, chooses his final four on 'The Bachelor'

After sending home a whopping 10 women last week, it’s clear Peter Weber isn’t wasting his time anymore on The Bachelor. Out of nowhere, the list of contestants has suddenly dwindled down to six — meaning hometowns are right around the corner. 

Madison, Hannah Ann, Victoria F., Kelley, Natasha and Kelsey remain and are fighting for the last roses. In the meantime, it’s time for the secrets to come out as Madison and Kelsey have something to tell Peter as production heads to Lima, Peru. Here are some highlights from the latest episode of The Bachelor:

Madison is falling in love 

Before the ladies find out who gets the first one-on-one of the week, Peter drops by to address his fear thus far: Ending up with someone who isn’t ready for marriage. The only thing that could make matters worse for this season is another Cassie-Colton-”I don't know if I’m ready”-moment. 

“Just think about: Is this really what you want? Can you see having a family with me one day?” Peter asks the women. 

Madison gets the first one-on-one and her goal is to make sure her and Peter are on the same page. The couple reunites in a fishing village and it’s refreshing that she’s finally getting some screen time. 

“It feels so good when we're together,” Peter expresses. “I definitely think Madison’s a total catch, and I can for sure see a future with her.” 

Then he catches a fish, which is equally ironic as it is corny. In the midst of all the drama, Madison is clearly Peter’s solace as he can confide in her, while also building a genuine relationship.

She opens up to him to soothe his confusion stating, “I want you to know, I’m really serious about this, and I am here for you… I wouldn’t go through this if I didn’t see a future with you.” Heading into the evening portion of the date, Madison has something to get off her chest. She expresses to Peter how important her family is to her, and wants someone who has the “same relationship as the Lord.”

Peter is very receptive stating, “I’ve been raised in a Christian household, and I definitely had faith… I feel like my faith could be stronger.” At this point, Peter is “crazy” about Madison and gives her a rose — expressing how excited he is to meet her family.

Natasha gets the chopping block

Surprise, surprise, Natasha finally gets a one-on-one! The two meet and explore the Plaza de Armas. The connection seems to be nonexistent from the start because Peter is looking at others with more passion than he looks at her. He does, however, tell Natasha he’s seen more sides of her than any other woman and praises her honesty. 

“I’ve alway felt there was a connection and a vibe between us,” Natasha admits. “I know he has connections with other people… I just hope I am that person.”

Well, Peter is still raving about Madison, so things aren’t looking too hopeful. “I owe it to Natasha to be brutally honest. She has a lot to offer someone… else,” he tells the camera.

He proceeds to pick up the rose, but not give it to her. Oof. He gives a classic Peter explanation stating, “I have a lot of relationships right now that are progressing really fast. I don’t know if Natasha and I can catch up.” She keeps her grace through it all and agrees they aren’t on the same page during her limo ride accompanied by dramatic orchestral music.

Kelsey’s one-on-one

Kelsey gets the third one-on-one and we’re confused how far she got this far. After weeks of emotional champagne turmoil and constant drama with the other women, she somehow made her way into the final six. Anywho, she meets Peter in the countryside and the two get deep quickly about the future. Kelsey describes her ideal vision by stating, “I want to be able to work a couple days of the week but also be at home.”

As they sit down for dinner, Peter gives a back-handed compliment about how the day “wasn’t serious or emotional.” Kelsey delves into more detail about her family and parent’s divorce. “I don’t want outside influences to dictate my relationship with him,” she explains.

Peter praises her strength before he gives her a hometown rose. “We’re going to Iowa!” she says with a smile.


What’s worse than a two-on-one? You guessed it, a three-on-one. The final date has Hannah Ann, Victoria F. and Kelley in the hot seat with only two roses up for grabs.

“Last night I realized I was going to be on a three-on-one, I was pretty annoyed. And today, I’m still annoyed,” Kelley admitted.

Her frustration continues in the limo ride when she points out that Hannah Ann is not in the right phase of life for a relationship and that Victoria F. is a “hot mess.”

The women meet Peter at a hacienda. He pulls Hannah Ann first who is already in tears over “the thought that this could be one of our last times talking.” Peter expresses his worries that she has only shown him the “good” side of her. Thankfully, she came prepared with a list of all the things she loves about Peter, and all of her i’s were dotted with hearts. It didn’t help her “you’re too young” reputation.

Peter sits down with Kelley and reiterates her feelings. Rational in her words, she tells him not every relationship has to be super hard. “It can be easy and still could be fun,” she reminds Peter. Although she is one of the last women left that has yet to insert herself in drama, it’s inevitable Peter will do the opposite of whatever the rational choice is.

Victoria F. and Peter’s fight resumes in tears as he tells her, “I’m not in a mood. You have given me reason to doubt.” She continues to express how “hard” the process is for her, but that she has feelings for him. Inevitably, Peter succumbs to her manipulation once again.

“Victoria F. and I have a really unique relationship,” Peter said. “I don’t necessarily look at that as a bad thing.” Clearly, we see the red flags that he simply is blind to.

Peter proceeds to blindside Kelley, who thought Victoria F. was sent home, and gives the final hometown rose to Hannah Ann. Kelley keeps her composure and bids him farewell with “figure out what you need to figure out.” She lets everything out in the SUV and is thankful for Peter not meeting her family.

The drama will continue next week with the final four, as Peter goes into hometowns with Hannah Ann, Kelsey, Victoria F. and Madison. 

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.


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