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7 things to do while you self-quarantine

Ohio University students will be spending a lot of time indoors now that classes have been moved online for the rest of the semester. Students have their schoolwork, but that can get boring after a while. Whether you are in your hometown or back in Athens, here are some creative ideas to help get you through your quarantine boredom:

Netflix Party

This takes a whole new meaning to Netflix and chill. Netflix Party is an extension you can download in Google Chrome. When you pick the show you want to watch with your friends, you can share the link with each other and begin watching the show. Click on the Netflix Party icon once the show starts to play and chat with your friends while you watch. You can connect with anyone who has the extension and the link to join the party. 

It’s the best way to be entertained and feel a little less lonely while watching your favorite movies and television shows. 

In the kitchen

We all have spent hours scrolling through our social media feeds and wasting time watching recipe videos that we swear one day we are going to make. Now is the time to do it!

When you go to the grocery store to stock up on food for the week, pick up extra ingredients for a couple recipes. You can make something new as a change-up to a normal dinner or a special dessert that you would not normally have. 

Spring cleaning

What time is better to clean out all of your clutter than when you're stuck inside with all of it? Take the time to give your apartment a proper clean, clean out that closet you have been avoiding and pick some clothes to donate.

Once the precaution about the coronavirus is lifted, donate your clothes and furniture to local thrift stores in Athens, such as ReUse Thrift Store, 751 W. Union St., and Goodwill, 175 Columbus Road.

Learn a new skill 

With all the time you have, take some time to learn a new skill. You can download an app, like Duolingo, to learn a language or learn to play the guitar on YouTube. Other random skills you could try to learn include photography, how to moonwalk, whistle with your fingers and juggling. 


Although fitness and recreation centers are closed in Ohio, you can get creative in and out of your house on ways to exercise.

YouTube is full of 10-minute workout videos, including cardio, abs and full body workouts. There are also videos for meditation and yoga. These easy videos can help you get your body moving, and you don’t need gym equipment to do them.

When the weather is nice, go on a run or take a bike ride to get a break from the indoors. These are both activities you can do on your own and around your neighborhood. If you have a dog, you can take time each day to play fetch with them in the yard or take them for a walk to get outside for a bit. 

Read a book

Everyone has a book list that they have been wanting to get through but have not had the time. Stock up on books at the library or the book store before you begin your self-quarantine. 

Not sure what to read? Check out Amazon’s 100 bestselling books to get some ideas. They can be downloaded on a Kindle or be shipped to your house. 

Arts and crafts

A good way to relax your mind is through an art project. However big or small, it can keep your mind occupied without having to focus on anything too straining. 

There are many websites that can teach you basic skills for sketching, painting and sewing. You could even just buy a coloring book to do in your free time. More complicated projects could include do-it-yourself furniture repair.


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