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5 fun websites to instantly eliminate boredom

There is no doubt social media apps like Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and Snapchat can be completely addicting, funny and engrossing. In times of quarantine, many may even find themselves constantly going back and forth between these apps, all hours of the day. But what fun can one find on the World Wide Web instead? The answer? A lot of it. 

Having said that, put down your phone, pick up your laptop and try something unfamiliar. Don’t worry, the beloved apps aren’t going anywhere! Here are five fun websites that will surely keep you entertained and busy: 


Though BuzzFeed is technically a mostly entertainment news outlet, the site’s quizzes are undeniably intriguing and fun to complete. No one visits BuzzFeed without taking a quiz or often even 50 of them. BuzzFeed quizzes are typically outlandish and far-fetched, yet millennials adore them and continue to take them anyway. 

If you are looking for a list of quizzes to complete, start with this one, and before you know it, you will have taken 100 quizzes ranging from what your favorite food says about you to what ’80s movie character you best represent. If you’re enjoying BuzzFeed so much, you can’t even fathom leaving the site. Try making your own quiz, and send it out to friends and family, and wait for their amusing results. 


Most students are probably associating Zoom with online classes and not recreational use during this dreaded time period. However, Zoom can be used for enjoyment, too, with the right group of friends. 

Gather your closest friends you may be missing right now, and plan a time when everyone is available. This downloadable app and site is much more pleasurable than the loud and ear-piercing group FaceTime. To spice up your group Zoom chat, hold a wine night via video chat while playing your favorite foolish games, like “truth or dare” and “never have I ever.” 


Poptropica is a site that is probably not unfamiliar to most, as it was all the rage back in the early to mid-2000s. Yes, it may seem like a site for elementary level kids, but let’s be honest: no one actually knew how to pass a level without watching cheats on YouTube. Now, as college students, challenge yourself by seeing if you can complete an island without cheating, because odds are you still can’t. But hey, there is no denying that Poptropica is still a great deal of fun. 

Cool Math Games

This site is another that may make one nostalgic and force them to reminisce on the ugly time that was middle school. For some reason, teachers allowed us to play Cool Math Games, even though they were entirely unrelated to math. Better yet, games like Run, Fireboy and Watergirl and Bloxorz are available to be played along with many other engaging games. 

I Need A Prompt

If one is wanting to get their creative juices flowing, I Need A Prompt is a completely random yet innovative website that will do the trick. Writing is a way to release bottled-up stress while accessing the imaginative side of the mind. The site generates a peculiar prompt for the writer to use in order to unleash their quirkiness. The writer’s final piece is assured to leave them laughing and in a favorable mood.


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