As quarantine endures and our longing for an unforgettable summer intensifies, many find themselves dreaming of the day they can put on a funky fit and do their hair and makeup to revitalize their spirited self during a night out with friends. Everyone is going to be eager for a fire Instagram post and Snapchat story, just to remind everyone they still got it. The best way to do this is to be posed in what would be considered the newest, hottest, fashion. To ensure one looks stylish, here are the projected popular trends of summer 2020 (assuming we even have one):  

Bright neon colored ANYTHING

Following the prolonged quarantine, there will be no room for dull and colorless fads. A life of freedom will ultimately be celebrated by wearing bright and monochromatic outfits. Undoubtedly, neon green is anticipated to be the color of the summer, with classic hot pink trailing behind. We have our queen, Billie Eilish, to thank for this fun and bold look. 

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detroit im inside you

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Crocodile patterned booties

First zebra print, then cheetah, cow and snake, which animal’s skin could possibly be in style next? We’ll tell you. Crocodile Print. 

Crocodile print is chic, current and we’re here for it. It subtlety sets it apart from other animal prints by being imprinted over black and white leather. This look is common for not only ankle-high booties, but leather pants as well. If looking sassy and sophisticated is the goal, crocodile print is for you. 

Utility style clothing 

If you have always been insecure about wanting to unleash your inner grunge, the time to do so is now. Looking as if you just got done working on a construction site now equates to being edgy and unprecedented. From cargo pants to cargo rompers of all different colors and materials, others will definitely want to imitate your street style. Find a nearby parking garage, a graffiti area or an urban setting and your Instagram photos will assuredly be popping with some sick backgrounds and even sicker attire.

Fringe detailing 

2020 means modernizing some of the fads from the roaring 20s, which in this case, is no other than fringe. Fringe detailing, whether it be on jackets, skirts or tops, is sure to bring a fun and flirty vibe to any outfit. Fringe is meant to be shown off and danced in unapologetically. We can confirm that wearing fringe may call attention to oneself, yet it is only because fringe is meant to make a statement. 

Chunky earrings

Though there is no denying that mini gold hoops are all the hype, this summer, everyone should try something new by rocking some solid-colored chunky earrings. Simple shaped earrings are just the accessory everyone needs to finalize an already current outfit. Monochromatic rectangles and circles scream being visionary, resulting in everyone pulling off the arts persona they’ve desired for so long.

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These babies are on sale now (link in bio) $30

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Oversized graphic tees

Call them basic, make fun of girls for wearing tees with bands they’ve never even heard of, say and do whatever, but the fact of the matter is, oversized graphic tees are here to stay. Truth is, anyone who hates on them has to be lying. They can be dressed up or down in a thousand different ways, while remaining undeniably comfortable and cute. With endless options for what is printed on them, there is one out there for everyone. 

Mini purses

It was only a matter of time before the early 2000s became “fetch” again. From pastels, to plaid, all we ask is to vow to never let low-rise jeans resurface. However, what we are praising are the adorable little monochromatic mini purses. Purses are an essential part of a good outfit, and these bags don’t disappoint. Throw one of these power purses over a shoulder, and strut around with it, because we promise you look unbothered and boujee. 

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Mini 's, but make it fashion

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Crop tops

Last but not least is the summer favorite that at this rate, will never die: Crop tops. Do we even have to explain why they are the best? Fine. For one, they are ideal in the hotter months, and second, they look stunning paired with any kind of bottoms. Additionally, there are fancier crop tops that match nicely with long skirts, and more casual ones that can be worn with jean shorts or sweats. And let’s not forget about matching sets as well, those remain unrivaled.