The Green New Deal, a congressional resolution to address climate change, lays the groundwork for a path toward protecting the environment and people.

This plan promises to guarantee jobs, public investments and high-quality health care to Americans. Specifically, the goals seek to keep inequality in America from becoming worse while creating a “green” America. 

The Green New Deal continues to have the support of big names, such as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Ed Markey. Ocasio-Cortez and Markey turned the Green New Deal into a congressional resolution.

The Green New Deal calls for government action. The belief was if the Democrats were to win the upcoming election that there is a plan. As a country, this plan might be the only just way to heal our planet and keep calling Earth home.

Recently, President Donald Trump claimed with the Green New Deal, America will become a “ninth world country, not a third world country.” In the same interview, Trump said the deal was written by “not smart people.” Strictly, Trump’s claims are made of bias and his failure to educate himself on the climate crisis. 

Presidential candidate Joe Biden shared in his debate with Trump that he did not support The Green New Deal and had a different plan in mind. Biden’s plan calls for similar measures as The Green New Deal but takes a less aggressive approach. 

Failure to tackle climate change stems from a misunderstanding of how serious the impact of rises in temperature are. In 2018, a group of climatologists confirmed Earth’s global temperature had gone up 1 degree Celsius since the introduction of fossil fuels.

The climatologists initially determined the Earth could reach 2 degrees Celsius and still function normally. This is not the case anymore, for the Earth is on track to go well above 2.0 degrees Celsius, and there needs to be a change. This increase will cause global destruction and trillions of dollars.

Democrats have claimed that without this deal, air pollution could become so toxic that hundreds of millions of people could face premature death in the next 10 years. 

Young activists were reluctant to push for Biden in this next election. However, with his deal, it might be the only hope to take those first steps in reforming America and creating a cleaner environment. 

The state of the world relies on finding a way to reduce pollution. It is crucial The Green New Deal takes part in the evolution of America. Earth still needs to be home, and if measures like Biden’s plan or the Green New Deal aren’t taken, that won’t be possible for future generations.

Kayla Bennett is a freshman studying journalism. Please note that the views and ideas of columnists do not reflect those of The Post. Want to talk to Kayla? Tweet her @kkayyben.