Don’t ever let someone tell you what you’re worth. 

For the last year, Dak Prescott has had to deal with people putting a price on him. But he didn’t listen. Instead he fought for what he believed he was owed. 

And because Prescott decided to fight, he was vilified. Other players have sat out for the contract that they believed they were owed, why not Dak? Is it because he’s the quarterback of America’s Team? Or is it because he doesn’t have a right to want more money because he’s already a millionaire? 

Either way, Prescott’s decision to negotiate could play into his current predicament.  

Before Sunday’s game, Prescott was in the midst of an MVP-caliber season. While the Cowboys struggled, Prescott kept the team's head above water and at the top of the NFC East. Unfortunately for Prescott, his season was cut short after he fractured his ankle in the Cowboys win over the Giants. 

Prescott has so many things to think about: his health, his career, his contract talks, but the number one thing he should be thinking about is himself. 

The NFL has been, is and will always be first and foremost till the end of time a business. Players get traded and shipped out of the league all the time for either a cheaper or shinier new toy. It’s important that players remember that they need to take care of themselves and their families first. 

For Dak Prescott the leverage is completely on his side at the moment despite him being out for the season. In his 69 games in the league Prescott has started them all. Sunday’s injury was bad, but the surgery went great and Prescott shouldn’t have to worry about any long term effects. 

That’s another story for the Cowboys. 

Dallas is currently in NFL purgatory. Things aren’t Texans level bad but they aren’t great either. The Cowboys are in division too bad to tank in and they have a team too talented to have no expectations. Unfortunately for them, their coaching and defense is only good to secure a middle of the pack record and draft pick. Add some hurt lineman to the mix and you have one disappointing season, my friend. 

But in Dak’s case he’s got to think about what’s best for him because even though the Cowboys are telling him that he’s their guy for the future, if Andy Dalton goes off in these next few weeks, Dak could be out of a job. 

So I repeat myself, don’t let anyone tell you what you’re worth. 

This week’s lesson is a little bit deeper than the actual words. 

Through life we’ve all accepted money for our most valuable resource, time. It’s called a job and we kind of need them to survive. But even though you get paid a set amount for your time that’s not how much you’re worth. 

Because in reality, we never reach our worth. 

From the job you do, to the joy you bring in your office everyday. No amount of money will ever be enough for a piece of time, and the energy and emotion that goes into it.

So don’t let anyone tell you what you're worth.  

Because in their case a moment of your time is always a bargain.