The month of November marks a time of transitioning. Transitioning from what once was, to what is and will be. Summer tans have faded, the sun is setting earlier in the evening and the indoors have become a place of retreat. During this time, it is important to prioritize ease and peace. Music is undeniably the perfect therapy and a tool to aid in doing so. A few remedial songs can go a long way in making us as individuals feel better -- especially in the bleaker months -- even if only for a little while. Therefore, the following songs are ones that should be added to your monthly/seasonal playlist, considering they are sure to heal the soul and make one feel at home with themselves. 

“Wish I Knew You” by The Revivalists 

Lead singer of The Revivalists, David Shaw has left the meaning behind its breakout single open to interpretation, yet the underlying theme seems to be yearning to have known a person one loves so deeply when he/she was younger, in order to have experienced budding love, recklessness and being free-spirited together. The track is ideal for a fall playlist because of its reminiscent tone, whether that be for older listeners being able to relate, or younger one’s recollecting on similar moments, or in contrast, being hopeful in a stereotypically hopeless time to find someone one day they can feel alive with, despite age. 

“Topanga” by Goth Babe

Griff Washburn, better known by his stage name Goth Babe, is an unfamiliar artist to most, but should be acquainted with more listeners as he constantly delivers savory tunes that depict the life and vibe many of us can only dream of living and feeling. Washburn lives out of his van, producing and writing music while also continuing to live a zen lifestyle, which the song “Topanga” so beautifully encapsulates and embodies. Truthfully, a track that takes us on a trip seemingly meant for days spent on the coast, but are much needed amid winter days in the Midwest. 

“Lost in Translation” by The Neighbourhood 

Another refreshing and spirited track, “Lost in Translation” is one of The Neighbourhood’s more lively and upbeat tracks. Though, none could be denied a spot on any playlist, as most are seemingly fit for several moods arguably. The track, although quite short, will have listeners bobbing their head to a song all about miscommunication -- a too commonly understood theme among our generation. Allow this track to remind you to do your best to have clear intentions this season and upcoming year. 

“Beggar’s Song” by Matt Maeson 

November may be an indicator for many regarding how they end their year. Maybe you are struggling and feel as if you are drowning in an abyss. But as Matt Maeson wrote on Instagram, remember “there[‘s] never a pit. Just smoke and mirrors,” ultimately just deterring one from achieving the best versions of themselves. It’s OK to hurt, but let “Beggar’s Song” serve as a reminder to get out and get up, keep going and prevail even through your lowest of lows. Healing is a process, but it is feasible. 

“Love Affair” by UMI 

For those who have been broken by the wrong person, don’t retreat and shut yourself out to new, potential options this season. “Love Affair” explores questioning an unfamiliar, complex feeling. Is the feeling love, lust or just a love affair? Don’t complicate a relationship with a blossoming lover due to overthinking and striving to define the connection. This song is the note everyone needs to reassure whatever they’re feeling is justified. From @wetheurban’s October healing playlist, the song has the ability to do just that, heal and help you open yourself up again. We can only hope the account is busy working on a November one, too! 

“My Tears Are Becoming a Sea” by M83

If you are currently in a state of being where inspiration is lacking and your future seems desolate, you’re in need of some music therapy -- more specifically some M83 therapy. “My Tears Are Becoming a Sea” has the ability to awaken anyone’s senses. Sit with yourself, headphones in, eyes closed and allow yourself to take a few deep breaths while listening to the heightened and overwhelming sensation that is “My Tears Are Becoming a Sea.”

If you have ever questioned if a song has the power to push you to want to become more and retrieve more from life, this track is the one to convince you of this possibility. The past several months have been difficult on everyone, but this track can play a small part in assuring you that greatness and fulfillment are both viable and in the near future. If this song resonates with you, we recommend adding M83’s “Outro” as well. 

“ARIZONA (feat. ella jane)” by Young Friend 

“ARIZONA (feat. ella jane)” explores wondering why both artists are feeling “jaded” and “vacant” as they try to find a way out. They express the happiness they once felt in the summer months together as they sing about the easiness they experienced in the months of June, July and August, yet they acknowledge they will “be fine in the cold again” because “summer doesn’t last all year.” 

Unfortunately, most of us adore summer and hate winter, but we have to remember we can still find similar contentment from different activities in the more frigid and intense months. 

“Freakin’ out on the Interstate” by Briston Maroney 

Driving, especially on the vast space that is the highway, can prompt anyone to spiral. Revelations can be made about one’s self and life in general, which is ultimately what Briston Maroney’s “Freakin’ out on the Interstate” embodies. A stimulating, aimless ride with no destination can be beneficial for anybody searching for answers. 

Maroney knows he is down, but doesn’t know the reason why. What he does know is he cannot give his lover what they deserve. He also calls his father to make amends. A car ride has the capacity to do more than just take you where you want to go physically, but it also has the ability to do the same mentally and spiritually, so let it do just that. 

“Something To Lose” by James Supercave 

An undeniably, groovy alternative single that seems as if it was made for navigating the nightlife culture of a bustling city and airy dancing. November is obviously a time for showing gratitude, which oddly enough is the underlying moral of “Something To Lose.” 

If there is something in your life that is worth holding onto, whether that be someone or something, don’t be careless enough to let it slip from your fingertips. Appreciate it and this alluring techno song. Trust us, you’ll want to have it on repeat for days. 

“Won’t Live Here” by Daniel Caesar

Simply put, we are blessed to live in the same era as the phenomenon that is Daniel Caesar. We are all in need of second chances, which is exactly what Caesar is asking his lover for. He begs to not be given up on, to have his significant other accept that he will be a better man in the future and that he has not attained his best self yet, even though perfection will never be obtainable.

He sings, “I can’t go through the pain / Won’t live here without you.” He is conclusively singing about the inevitable aching that accompanies true love and the invisible string that attaches one to the other. Besides just being an exquisitely beautiful track, it finds peace on every fall playlist in that it represents healing and wanting to be better for someone else’s sake. (Though, remember to want this for yourself, too).