Today is Thursday, November 12, 2020. Here’s what you need to know:

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2020 has been as strange for Apple as anyone else. Due to the pandemic, they’ve uncharacteristically delayed their product rollout, including the iPhone 12. Additionally, with new technology on the brink of reaching the masses, namely 5G network access, the next launch for Apple is set to be a big one. 

Despite the disappointment and delays around the iPhone 12, Apple took the opportunity to announce their next generation of hardware on Tuesday. 

The biggest news of the event was Apple’s transition to in-house processing chips. All new Macs will feature the long-awaited M1 processing chip, which touts the fastest cores of any processor ever and the performance per watt of any CPU on the market right now. 

In line with the implementation of the M1, all Macs from the mini to the MacOS will be tailored to the chip. Notably, the MacOS is promised to fully maximize the M1 chip’s capabilities. 

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Athens Weather

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