Every year when Thanksgiving rolls around, we at The Post give thanks to those that support us as a publication. With COVID-19, the holiday season isn’t quite the same, but despite that, there’s still lots to pay homage to and celebrate this Thanksgiving. 

To speak for all of The Post, thanks to Andrea Lewis, our student media sales internship manager, who keeps the business side of The Post in line and also supplies us with an endless amount of Keurig k-cups to drink. Thank you to Ohio University’s wonderful custodial staff, who despite the pandemic continue to clean our newsroom and provide a wonderful space for us to work in. 

Thanks to Hans Meyer and the Post publishing board for acting as a great resource for guidance, and also to Dr. Thomas Suddes for critiquing the staff’s work and for offering fervent advice for our writers.  

And finally, thanks to our wonderful alumni network, donors and our dedicated readers who continue to support student media. Without that support, The Post truly wouldn’t be the publication it is today. 

The above list of people is nowhere near exhaustive, and could probably go on forever. Nevertheless, whether it’s family, animals or significant others, here’s what some of The Post staff is thankful for this year: 

Midge Mazur, Photographer and Web Developer 

This year I am thankful for my parents, Mike and Steph; my sister, Reyna; my boyfriend, Andrew; and the gorgeous gray stud French Bulldog I always see on South Green. Up in the air on who I am most thankful for.

Taylor Burnette, Social Media Director

I am thankful for my folks, Tammy and Dave, for being absolute champs about me staying in their house for several extra months, my cousin Becky for being a cool human, and my friends in Athens and back home for making sure I’m in the loop of two different worlds all at once

Olivia Juenger, Assistant Art Director

I am thankful for Mary Berger as our Art director. Although she doubts herself as a leader she takes time out of her day to always lend a hand to anyone that needs her. To work by her side is an honor and I hope to be as great of an art director as she is.  Mary is a great leader, mentor and best friend. 

Hannah Burkhart, Culture Writer

I am thankful for my parents, Eric and Tammy, and my brother, Joey, for having faith in me at all times, even when I am feeling my lowest. I would not be the highly motivated person I am today if it wasn’t for the support from my family.

Noah Wright, Opinion Editor

I am thankful for Slack group chats with fellow Posties and my wonderful friends and girlfriend I have here with me in Athens. Without those two things, I don’t know how I would have made it through this semester. 

Mary Berger, Art Director

This Thanksgiving I am so grateful for my family, especially for my soon-to-be nephew, Aiden, who we will meet in person in April 2021! I am also incredibly thankful for all of the staff at The Post, especially for my assistant art director and amazing friend, Olivia Juenger. Lastly, I am thankful for my boyfriend and best friend, Zach, for all of the support and love. 

Baylee DeMuth, Managing Editor

I’m thankful for a lot this Thanksgiving, especially because of COVID-19. I’m thankful that my family is in good health and we get to spend the holiday together. I’m also thankful for my amazing boyfriend and friends who have kept my spirits high despite the stressful semester.

Molly Schramm, Editor-in-Chief

The coronavirus pandemic has put lots into perspective for me this year, but with Thanksgiving approaching, I’m truly thankful for my parents and family for being a constant support system. I’m thankful for my close friends for being an outlet and source of laughter and love. And lastly, I’m thankful for coffee for always being by my side through both stressful and happy times. 

Molly Schramm is a senior studying journalism at Ohio University and the editor-in-chief of The Post. Have questions? Email Molly at ms660416@ohio.edu or tweet her @_molly_731.