Throughout the course of time and as Gen Z ages, older, more vintage trends seem to always resurface. Whether it be the return of bell bottomed jeans, monochromatic outfits or in this case, retro sneakers, “sooner or later, everything old is new again,” as Stephen King so cleverly writes. 

Retro, classic sneakers should undeniably be a staple in everyone’s closet as their simplicity element makes for a versatile piece that can easily be dressed up or down, while also being the defining factor when debating how to pull an outfit together. Sneakerhead or not, one can buy multiple pairs of these trendy sneaks, or just one pair to go well with just about everything. Furthermore, here are five pairs of unisex tennies, where you can buy them and what makes them so unique. 

Nike Blazer Mid ‘77s

These narrow Nike high-tops were essentially all the hype in the 70s when basketball shoes were first being tested. Nike says, “the design improved over the years, but the name stuck,” making them a classic. 

Obviously in modern day, these shoes are definitely not worn by ballers on the court, but they are meant for making any guy or girl look like a chic, old school one. The classic shoe can be customized with any preferred colors and sell for around $100 on the Nike site for both men and women. 

Adidas Stan Smiths

Stan Smith’s might be one of the most elementary of designs, which is what makes them so appealing. This Adidas essential first launched in 1965 under the name of  "Adidas Robert Haillet," yet was rebranded as the name the timeless trend is known for today in ‘68 after the prominent tennis player. 

Stan Smiths are best paired with a pair of casual joggers, or some denim to make for a chill, yet stylish look. To spunk up the footwear, try combining some straight-legged jeans with a graphic or basic tee and a blazer thrown atop. Talk about business casual. 

These prominent sneakers sell at a retail price of $85 on the Adidas site, but can be found on sites like Zappos or ASOS for 35 to 40 dollars, though, it is not promised the design will emulate the classic perfectly. Always check Amazon as well, they are usually guaranteed to have some deals. 

Reebok Club Cs

Reebok prides itself off of branding themselves as a primarily vintage styled company. Several pairs of Reebok embody a worn distressed look when buying them new, but in the best way possible. The Club Cs were originally released in 1985 as a means to give the “club [tennis] player...a durable performance tennis shoe.”

The show has evolved over time, though it has kept its same lightweight, heritage basic style. The shoe can be purchased today on Reebok for $70 -- a reasonable price that seems to remain constant across other retail sites. 

Adidas Gazelles 

Gazelles are undoubtedly an unprecedented prototypal shoe as it was released in the mid 60s and was Adidas’s first suede shoe. Originally, the shoe was only available in blue and red, but now it is available in many. The version that still persists to this day is the 1991 version. 

Gazelles are perfect for dressing down an outfit. They look best with some ripped jeans, or some shorts in the summertime. To elevate the vintage look, throw on some scrunched mid-high white socks. 

Gazelles can be bought for $80 on both Adidas and ASOS. Make Gazelles your next day time go-to’s. 

Nike Cortez Basic 

This 1962 sneaker embodies a prideful Olympic track star. With its standard white, red and blue design, the look is undeniably one of the most well recognized, running shoes -- though it is now worn as a fashion piece and not for training. Some may say the Cortez’s can be accredited as being one of the fundamental factors for making Nike what it is perceived as today. 

Nike Cortez’s can be bought for a retail price of $75.