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From left to right: Matt Geiger, Abby Miller, Bre Offenberger

From the Editor’s Desk: Meet next year’s ‘Post’ executive editors

It seems like just yesterday I was writing my first From the Editor’s Desk column, but now I only have a handful left. But while my end is in sight, that means it’s time for change. The Post is constantly changing and right now it’s beginning to move forward with new leadership. 

Next year’s editor-in-chief, managing editor and digital managing editor have been chosen, which means the entire newsroom will begin training for new roles as summer inches closer. Despite a year working during the COVID-19 pandemic, The Post has shown its ability to produce innovation, engaging stories and experiential learning. 

These three executive editors were picked for multiple reasons, including their leadership abilities, ideas for growth and outlook on the future of The Post. For now, though, I’ll let them introduce themselves:  

Abby Miller, editor-in-chief

Hi, everyone! My name is Abby Miller, and I am so honored and excited to be the next editor-in-chief of The Post. I’m currently a junior studying journalism and political science, and I’ve been with The Post since my freshman year. I’ve taken on roles such as news staff writer and news editor in the past, and I can’t wait to continue working at The Post in this new role to make this publication the best it can be.

During the upcoming year, I hope to further The Post’s digital presence while also spearheading more change within the publication. We will bring readers the best of digital content, including more interactive data visualizations, an overhaul of our special projects and more newsletters to give readers additional headlines in their inboxes every morning. I also hope to foster diversity in our content and staffing. First and foremost, The Post functions as a hub for topics concerning students and a voice for them, and we cannot accurately fulfill that purpose without ensuring all voices are heard and included. 

I would not be the journalist I am today without The Post and those who work there. I owe this publication so much, and alongside Bre and Matt, I cannot wait to tackle the upcoming year head-on.

Bre Offenberger, managing editor

Hey, everyone! My name is Bre Offenberger, and I’m absolutely elated to be The Post’s managing editor for the 2021-2022 year. I joined this life-changing publication within my first month on campus, starting out as a copy editor. For the past two years, I’ve worked as The Post’s copy chief, writing music reviews for our entertainment section, The Beat, and dipping my toe into almost every other section offered. Now, I’m about to take on the position I’ve dreamed of since I first joined The Post.

As the next managing editor, I plan on emphasizing the importance of HR, helping the editor-in-chief diversify our newsroom and our content and carving time out of each weekday to work with authors on polishing their work that’s showcased at the time of the website. During my time as copy chief, I’ve realized there is almost nothing more credible than having a foolproof, clean article — because careless mistakes only turn people away. I also want to be a friendly face once we can safely work back in our newsroom again (hopefully soon!) and let our staffers, old and new, know that we not only want them to succeed, but we care about them inside and out of the workplace.

These past three years at The Post have been the honor of my life. I’m immensely excited to get started with Abby and Matt and watch this publication that I love with my entire being continue to succeed and improve.

Matthew Geiger, digital managing editor

Hey, Post readers! I’m Matthew Geiger, the current digital managing editor of The Post! I’m excited to be returning in this role again for another year, where I’ll continue to work to make The Post more digitally oriented.

Over the past year, I’ve managed to streamline many of our processes and have introduced new and innovative technologies to push our publication ahead of the curve. From live-blogging election night to in-line audio quotes to data visualization, there has been no shortage of new tools for our journalists to use to strengthen their stories.

But I haven’t done it alone. Over the past year, I have been supported by a whole host of student journalists who I am proud to work with. Going forward, I will continue to emphasize the role that Post friendship has in strengthening our own reporting. The Post is at its best when every staff member feels welcome and heard. This single element is more powerful than any new digital tool or strategy that I can implement. 

All in all, I have big goals for this upcoming year, and I hope to continue innovating student journalism with Bre, Abby and the entire Post

If you would like to talk to Abby, Bre or Matt you can email them at, and, respectively. Please note that the views of columnists do not reflect those of The Post. 

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