International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8, serving to highlight achievements and advances from and for women across the world. While highlighting such, it is essential to consider and celebrate countless women who have paved the way and continue to do so. Women belong in every industry. In the music industry (like most others), it is no secret that it’s more difficult to be taken seriously as a woman. Women in music have given art, paved the way and shaped generations. In terms of celebrating, there is nothing more fitting than an ode to Alanis Morissette’s “Jagged Little Pill”: an album that will stand the test of time. 

“Jagged Little Pill” hit the world in the summer of 1995. Morissette received Album of the Year, Best Female Rock Vocal Performance, Best Rock Song and Best Rock Album at the 38th annual Grammys. “You Oughta Know,” the album’s lead single, earned her the two song awards that year. Today, the album still remains on Rolling Stone’s newly updated Top 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.

The album turned 25 last year. “When I listen to it I think, ‘Wow, it's such an empathic, validating record because no matter what flavor of emotionality I was cycling through in any given song or verse or chorus it was a musical validation of those feelings.’ And we live in a culture still, but especially 25 years ago, that said female bodies weren't allowed to be angry for sure. But also they weren't allowed to do other things. Like in my family culture I wasn't allowed to be sad, I wasn't allowed to say a lot of things. So this music ... was full permission to feel. And in so doing when people were listening they thought, ‘Oh, we have full permission to feel too. This is great, everybody wins,’” Morissette told Forbes in 2019.

Jagged Little Pill still gives permission to feel. It hits on hard topics, and gives an outlet for those going through similar situations.The album gives a voice to women without a voice: validating anger, sadness, excitement and every emotion in between. For those told that being emotional is a sign of weakness, Jagged Little Pill protests. 

In light of International Women’s Day, playing out Jagged Little Pill is an extremely appropriate thing to do. This album will stand the test of time for women everywhere, and should be celebrated as such. 

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