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Photo provided by Devin Sudman.

Stuart’s Opera House and ABC Players present ‘Ordinary Days’

Stuart’s Opera House and ABC Players have worked tirelessly to put together Ordinary Days: a performance about self-discovery accompanied by memorable songs. 

The show follows four young New Yorkers living in New York during the COVID-19 pandemic and an array of life experiences.

The cast includes Samantha Pelham playing Deb, Jill Iverson playing Claire, Zoie Lanning playing Warren and Carter Rice playing Jason. They have been able to safely execute rehearsals and create a professional workspace amid a pandemic. 

“The process of putting together this production has been truly a wonderful experience,” Pelham said in an email. “I'm so grateful to ABC Players and Stuart's Opera House to have the opportunity to produce theater in a safe environment with some very talented and passionate people. For me, the process of bringing a show to life is the best part, so digging into these characters over the last two months and applying what they're going through with the added element of being in a pandemic has really allowed me to think about the challenges we go through and how we can choose to respond to them.”

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Photo provided by Devin Sudman.

The pandemic has led to many restrictions, but the cast has been able to safely execute rehearsals and they are able to host an in-person audience.

Though there is the option of in-person viewing – Stuart’s, 52 Public Square, has an occupancy of 60 – the show can also be streamed online. Tickets can be brought online through the Show Pass website or bought through emailing

“This piece is going to be a wonderful cathartic mood boost for an audience that has been deeply affected by the pandemic,” Iverson said in an email. “We are all struggling with different degrees of trauma and hardship, and it is a good reminder that beauty will always find its way forward if we are brave enough to look for it.”

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Photo provided by Devin Sudman.

During hard times, the cast believes it important to have a break from the repeating cycles of everyday life. The characters in this performance will be living through present, everyday experiences. Experiences that, hopefully, the audience will be able to relate to. 

“I think that this show will stick with our audiences because it couldn't be any timelier than it is,” Lanning said in an email. “It's set in present-day New York City -- COVID and all. It acknowledges how we communicate and dives into just how important connection is. It's a real story about real people that will make you laugh, cry, and realize just how important the power of live theater is -- something that none of us has experienced for a long time now.”

Lanning, Iverson and Pelham believe connections are important and through the production process, the cast not only will build connections with one another, but with the audience that chooses to attend or stream the performance.

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Photo provided by Devin Sudman.

“I'm just hoping that people take the opportunity to see our show to just take that break from their life and get out of their home, if they're comfortable with it,” Devin Sudman, director of the show, said. “The Opera House has been going above and beyond, including procedures, and just general policies and procedures in regards to having people back in the house...We just opened up to the public last week for the first time so we're slowly starting back up. I’m excited for the community to have something to look forward to, something that's on the calendar.”


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