The Smiling Skull Saloon has been a part of the Athens community since 1993. On April 25, the Joe Stamm Band will be performing at the local bar while on its national tour. 

Joe Stamm Band consists of singer/songwriter Joe Stamm himself, guitarist Dave Glover and bassist Bruce Moser. Glover and Moser have been with Stamm for over four and a half years. They are currently transitioning their drummer. 

The concert will be an acoustic duo show with Stamm and Glover performing. The show starts at 6 p.m. at Smiling Skull Saloon, 108 W. Union St. in Athens. Tickets are not required for the event and it is a free show. 

The Post chatted with Stamm via email to talk about the national tour, the band’s COVID-19 adaptations and more.

The Post: How would you describe your music style? 

S: We call it Black Dirt Country Rock, which is really a nod to the Red Dirt music scene, which has had a big influence on our music, as well as our Midwestern roots. But really, our style can be varied from song to song. I'd consider it a melting pot of 90's country, Southern Rock, Red Dirt and Americana influences.

TP: How will touring this year be different from years past due to COVID-19? 

S: Hopefully not as different as it was last year! Ha. It's starting to look like more normalcy is around the corner, with many fairs and festivals re-booking for 2021. It'll be nice to get back on those circuits. We'll see. But regardless, we'll be getting out there and finding spots to play.

TP: What made you choose the Smiling Skull Saloon in Athens, Ohio as a touring location? 

S: Honestly, it's a routing thing - we're always trying to connect dots. You book one spot, look at a map, and try to find some other spots that'll make the run work. We had some options for April 25th, but my agent sent me the Smiling Skull and it looked to be our kind of people. So that's where we're heading.

TP: What can audiences expect from the Joe Stamm Band acoustic performance at the Smiling Skull Saloon? 

S: Something really down to earth. This is especially true when it's me and Dave playing an acoustic show. We really just want to hang out with people and drink a few beers. So it will be casual. We'll play a lot of our own songs, and we always mix in some of our favorite covers - stuff from 90's country guys like Travis Tritt and some stuff from Red Dirt circles, like Turnpike Troubadors and whatnot.

TP: Where can interested attendees purchase tickets for the concert? Is there a limited number of tickets available? 

S: As far as I know, it's a free tickets required. Just show up with a good attitude and you're in :)

TP: What are you most looking forward to about going on tour? 

S: We're just out there trying to make friends, honestly. And that's the main thing we look for anytime we load up the van and head out - folks with a welcoming spirit and an ear for our kind of music.