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Mankind has left its mark on 97% of the world’s ecosystems; OU's Fall Semester gains more clarity

Today is Friday, April 16, 2021. Here’s what you need to know:

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What is an example of an intact ecosystem? The answers are few and far between thanks to the determination of mankind to spread its influence. Frontiers, a publisher of top researchers across the globe, specializes in the conservation of the Earth and its ecology. According to a survey by Frontiers, only 3% of all ecosystems on Earth remain relatively unharmed by man. 

Human activities that change the ecological make up of a region also include events in which foreign species are forced to invade other areas due to human actions. This is very evident in Australia where smaller animals migrate away from humans and stamp out other ecosystems. Areas of the globe that remain intact are focused in the Congo, Amazon, Canada and Siberia with some smaller regions in tundras and deserts alike.

While the numbers are discouraging to climate experts, they suggest that there’s still hope. Through a rigorous and aggressive process of species reintroduction, an estimated 20% of affected ecosystems can begin the road to restoration.

While studies conducted in the past have shown 40% of land remains free of manmade structures, this study differed in that it measured the effects holistically, evaluating the impacts on both larger scales and smaller scales in an effort to gather a thorough image of what the situation actually is.

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