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Loki and Sylvie sit together awaiting the destruction of Lamentis-1 in episode four, “The Nexus Event” (Photo provided via @steveieal on Twitter). 

TV Review: The second half of 'Loki' kicks off with the series’ best episode yet

The second half of Loki starts out with a bang, quite literally. Loki and Sylvie sit on Lamentis-1, presumably minutes after the ending of episode three, awaiting the entire planet’s and their demises. Meanwhile, Mobius and Judge Renslayer are trying to figure out where the variants are. They also seem to have cleaned up Sylvie’s timeline mess in between appearances. When Loki creates a disturbance in the timeline, the TVA swoop in and jumpstart the plot back up.

Episode four is easily the best of the series so far. The twists and turns pile up as the episode progresses, so much happens in a forty-minute runtime. Unlike episode three, nothing in this episode feels like filler, it’s all necessary and contributes to the plot in meaningful ways. Episode three was a necessary diversion from the plot and this is the ultimate course correction. It’s suspenseful and shocking in all the best ways. It feels like the penultimate episode, though that won’t come until next week. 

One of the most impressive things about this episode is just how shocking it is. I was not prepared for what this episode would throw at me at all going into it. Some reveals aren’t as jaw-dropping or surprising, but they still have massive ramifications for the rest of the series and the MCU as a whole. 

Getting into the more technical aspects of the episode, everything is fantastic, as usual. The cinematography and lighting are beautiful. The music, both licensed and the score, are fantastic and fit the tone completely. The sets are just as incredible and detailed as in previous weeks’. Everything just screams quality. Week after week, I’m excited to go back and see the ‘70s wood grain future-inspired look of the TVA and see whatever other locales they explore. Seeing a whole new side of the TVA, a dark, cold, fog-filled and overwhelmingly blue M.C. Escher-esque expanse was an unexpected visual treat. 

Owen Wilson’s Mobius makes his expected return in this episode and he’s perfect in this character, as has become expected. He shares several great scenes with Gugu Mbatha-Raw’s Judge Renslayer, who receives massive character growth. While the humor between Mobius and Loki isn’t there in this episode as much as others, for good reason, the comradery still shines through in all the right moments. Tom Hiddleston continues to be great in this episode; his job is made harder by having to hit several big emotional beats in the latter half but he nails all of them. Sophia Di Martino is amazing in every scene as Sylvie, seeing her deep-seated anger toward the TVA seep out is both heartbreaking and enthralling. I haven’t mentioned the character of B-15 previously as she hasn’t been all that important, but her role increases dramatically in this episode. B-15’s actress, Wunmi Mosaku, absolutely kills it in every scene she’s in, often stealing her scenes with Wilson, Di Martino and Mbatha-Raw.

“The Nexus Event” provides answers for many different questions the audience has had since the series’ inception. In doing so, the series also creates many new questions. The rest of the series will most-likely be judged based on the answers we’re given (or not given). If the answers we’re given aren’t fulfilling or impactful, I can see many fans downplaying this series’ overall quality, at least so far. As of right now though, Loki is a must-watch for both MCU fans and those looking for consistently great TV. 

Also, be sure to stay after the credits for the first time in this series. There’s a scene that will delight comics readers and confuse those who are not. Either way, it’s a fun surprise and sure to have a massive impact on the last two episodes.


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