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Ivan gets the chopping block on Tuesdays episode (Photo provided via @bachelorinparadise on Instagram)

TV Review: Ivan breaks the rules, relationships begin to crumble on 'Bachelor in Paradise'

The blazing temperature is not the only thing rising on Bachelor in Paradise this week, it’s the drama. As we’re rounding out into the final stretch of the season, Ivan is in the hot seat, newcomers arrive late and Kenny is getting second thoughts about Mari. It’s only gasoline on the fire at this point. 

Week 10 begins with the rose ceremony. After little to no effort shown, it wasn’t shocking that Blake, Dr. Joe and Demar didn’t receive a rose this week and left Paradise. Desperate for a rose himself, Ivan begins bending every rule in the book and burning every bridge in sight. 

Prior the rose ceremony, Ivan was exposed for breaking not just one, but two Bachelor in Paradise rules. Not to mention, he disregarded his friendship with Aaron and went after Chelsea to stay on the beach. “Love will make you do some crazy things” were the only words he used to justify his actions. 

On the flipside, Mari and Kenny’s relationship is starting to fizzle, which makes us question how strong the remaining couples connections really are. With only a few episodes left, crunch time to solidify all the loose ends is now. Here’s a few highlights from Tuesday’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise:

Ivan breaks bro-code

The beginning of this week’s episode resumed with the heated discussion between Aaron and Ivan. With Kendall leaving last week, Ivan was on the chopping block and needed to find a secure rose. The not-so bros were having a casual conversation on the beach as Ivan said, “I am not trying to steal someone’s rose.”

By the end of last week, Aaron’s rose was secure as he was growing his new connection with Chelsea. Ten minutes after Aaron and Ivan’s conversation, Ivan asked Chelsea to “talk.” Let’s just say, there wasn’t much talking happening. The two were caught making out in front of all the cast members on one of the day beds. 

The fire was alive in Aaron’s eyes after witnessing his friend making out with the girl he’s been establishing a relationship with for weeks. After Aaron immediately confronted Ivan, the web of lies began with Ivan saying it was Chelsea who pulled him for the conversation. Liar, liar, swimming trunks on fire! 

Ultimately, Ivan broke the bro-code and destroyed his friendship with Aaron. But, he’s not done lying just yet.

Ivan breaks every BIP rule in the book

Ivan once again finds himself in another messy situation. While all contestants were lining up for the rose ceremony, Wells announced  there was an incident in a hotel room when the contestants evacuated from the tropical storm. All fingers pointed to Ivan. 

Wells pulled him aside to discuss the strange matter of what happened at the hotel the night before. When contestants were asked to evacuate the beach and relocate to a hotel, they were also not allowed to leave their hotels once arrived.

While at the hotel, Ivan stayed with Alexa, a contestant that was planned to be introduced to the beach in an upcoming episode. At the time of the evacuation, Alexa was at the same hotel -- awaiting her time of walking down the stairs into Paradise. 

In his desperate state to find a connection, he found her room number in a producer’s phone and went to her room for a “chat” which turned into a hook up.

Ivan did not just break the rules, but completely manipulated the premise of the show for his own advantage and kept the situation to himself. After being exposed, he was asked to tell the entire cast, where he had the audacity to tell Chelsea he wasn’t going to accept her rose anyway. Obviously, he exited the show immediately. 

Kenny and Mari’s crumbling relationship

Early this week, Kenny expressed his concern to Mari about their relationship. Kenny discussed that he thinks the spark in their relationship is starting to fizzle and is very concerned with the end approaching.

This led to Mari being very emotional and anxious about their standing as a couple. Just last week, these two were all over each other. Literally. They were eating tacos off each other’s bodies and they both dropped the L-bomb after their one-on-one date. 

“Early on it was really passionate, and I felt like, all of the sudden the last few days, that’s not there anymore,” Kenny tells Mari. “I just don’t want to get in over our heads, thinking we’re in a place we’re not." 

Now, Kenny is having second thoughts and is thinking of pumping the brakes on their relationship. However, he did give a sense of hope about his relationship with Mari. New arrival, Anna, first pulled aside Kenny and asked him if he would be open to going on a date with her. Kenny politely declined her offer giving us a little hope for Kenny and Mari’s relationship. With his decision to not explore new relationships, we can proceed into the finale with hopes that they might have a chance for love and a future in the end. 


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